Capital Campaign Donations

PAC CC general image"Entertain the Future!" is a $4.3 million capital campaign to enhance and expand the Newport Performing Arts Center, consisting of a series of sequential initiatives, including:

  1. Enhancing the Alice Silverman Theatre to improve performance experience;
  2. Expanding the Studio Theatre to allow for an increased range of performance activities,
  3. Enhancing audience amenities to allow for simultaneous staging of performances, and
  4. Expanding storage, practice space, and green rooms to accommodate increased scale and scope of performances.

PAC CC Phase 5OCCA and the Capital Campaign Committee thank all of you who have supported, donated and given of your time to ‘Play a Role @ the PAC’! Funds raised to date exceed $1.5 million! We have successfully utilized local donations for foundation matching grants to fully fund the sound, acoustics, signage and lighting phases. The campaign is now moving on to the lobby and women’s restroom expansions, scheduled for completion in 2017.

The local architectural firm of Goebel and Capri have been retained to facilitate the design and create construction documents for this phase. A volunteer design and review committee has been formed consisting of performing artists, community members and OCCA staff. Purchase items from our "shopping list" below to help us complete the expansion of the PAC lobby and women's restroom, Phases V & VI!

In Phase 5 of the Entertain the Future! Capital Campaign to Expand and Enhance the Newport Performing Arts Center, the women’s restroom will be remodeled and reconfigured. The stall for those with physical disabilities will be enlarged and three new stalls will be added. Both restrooms will be refreshed with new paint, fixtures and improved air flow.

PAC CC Phase 6In Phase 6 of the Entertain the Future! Capital Campaign to Expand and Enhance the Newport Performing Arts Center, the lobby will be expanded to the north with a 612-square-foot addition, to provide a more adequate audience space during intermissions as well as accommodating community meetings and rehearsals. This new space will include enhanced seating, sound, lighting and multi-media systems.

Donate to the Women's Relief Fund, and help reach the goal of $18,000 for the restroom remodel, or become a Lobbyist for the Arts and help reach our goal of $45,000 for Phase 6! Donations of $250 or more will secure your spot on a permanent donor recognition display.

OCCA is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit arts organization (tax ID #93-0696250). Please call Michelle Hefley at 541-574-2655 to arrange for installments if needed. Mail your payment to: OCCA, Capital Campaign, PO Box 1315, Newport, OR 97365, or donate securely using the Donate button on each Phase page.

Download the capital campaign brochure (PDF) for more details.


Lobby Flooring (1,670 sq. ft.)     $550 s/f
Women’s Restroom Tile (930 sq. ft.)    $15 s/f
Toilet Seat (3)    $36.95
Paint     $45/gal
6” can LED light fixture (108)    $130
4” can LED light fixture (30)    $190
Fire Extinguishers (2)     $200
Toilet (3)    $243
Sink (2)    $238.27
Flushometer (3)    $240
Women’s Restroom Partitions (7)    $685
Double Drinking Fountain     $4,500

Northwest Lobby Patio     $5,000
Podium     $300
Rack Power (2)    $180
A/V Wall Plate     $70
A/V DTP Wall Plate (3)    $70
Blu-Ray Player     $300
Video Scaler     $2,190
Cables    $2.50 ft
Audio Interface     $100
Skype Camera     $200
22” Monitor     $200

InFocus HD Projector     $1,000
Motorized Screen     $2,948
19” Rack Cabinet     $200
DTP HDMI Receivers (3)     $470
HDMI Switcher     $550
Soundcraft UI12 Mixer     $300
Wireless Microphone Systems (2)     $1,290
Speakers (2)     $650
DriveRack     $300
50” LCD (2)     $500
Camera Feed System    $940
Gigabyte Brix MicroPC (3)     $200