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Thank you for your support of Oregon Coast Council for the Arts! Visit the OCCA store or click the images above to become an OCCA member, support the VAC Maintenance Fund, host a performance, sponsor an art exhibition or reception, donate to all OCCA programs, fund theatre camp scholarships, contribute to the Oregon Coast Jazz Party, or make a contribution to the OCCA Youth Visual Art program

OCCA's mission is to promote and provide high-caliber arts experiences on the Oregon coast. Your donations directly support this mission, as well as facilities management and arts learning. Learn more about OCCA's mission and activities.

OCCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations are tax-deductible – and qualify for the unique tax credit available from the Oregon Cultural Trust

PAC CC general imageDonate to the "Entertain the Future!" Capital Campaign to Expand and Enhance the Newport Performing Arts Center

The $4.3 million capital campaign to enhance and expand the Newport Performing Arts Center consists of a series of sequential initiatives, including:

  • Enhancing the Alice Silverman Theatre to improve performance experience;
  • Expanding the Studio Theatre to allow for an increased range of performance activities,
  • Enhancing audience amenities to allow for simultaneous staging of performances, and
  • Expanding storage, practice space, and green rooms to accommodate increased scale and scope of performances.

Learn more about the PAC Capital Campaign.