OCCA Offers E-Newsletter Advertising

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Email Newsletter Advertising Rates

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) publishes an electronic newsletter on a monthly basis, which is distributed by email on the first day of each month to OCCA members. OCCA also posts e-newsletters to Facebook and Twitter. OCCA will bill advertisers monthly. Due to space constraints, OCCA can accept up to five advertisements per month. Download the one-sheet description as a PDF here.

Thank you for your support!

Ad Sizes

E-Newsletter 160x160

1-Column Vertical

160 pixels wide (2.22") by 240 pixels tall (3.33"), Full Color

$50 per issue

E-Newsletter 160x240

1-Column Button

160 pixels square (2.22"), Full Color

$35 per issue

E-Newsletter 325x150

2-Column Horizontal

Dimensions: 325 pixels (4.514") by 150 pixels (2.083"), Full Color • Unique Size

$75 per issue


Reserve placement with Catherine Rickbone, by phone at 541-574-2652 or by email at crickbone@coastarts.org.

Please be prepared to provide contact information to establish a proofing schedule.


Deadline for placement and ad materials is noon on the 15th day of the month prior to the issue of first run. Proofing schedule (excluding holidays) is one week after ad materials are received, and all corrections are due a week prior to first run.

Proof of Publication

To obtain proof of publication, request it at the time of placement. Proof is provided by email, with subsidiary links to indicate social sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Statistics are available upon request.