OCCA Management Report FY 2013-14

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts reported to the City of Newport on its Contract for Services FY 2013-2014 in May 2015. The contract governs management of the Newport Performing Arts Center and Newport Visual Arts Center.

Newport's attraction for residents and visitors is also the result of its longstanding commitment to quality cultural programming designed to appeal to diverse tastes.
– 2005 Newport OR Vision 2020 and Strategic action plan

Total PAC/VAC Management Cost $223,666 

City Contract $112,500 50.03%
OCCA Funds $111,166 49.7%

Through the years there has been an excellent partnership between the City of Newport and the OCCA. However, management of the PAC & VAC costs more than the contract monies provided by the City of Newport. Therefore, OCCA, through earned and contributed income, makes up the difference.

Download the complete report as a PDF here.