OCCA Art Shoe Show 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Artists, shoe fans,  and arts supporters had a very well-heeled time at the Art Shoe Show reception on May 8. The event raised over $1,000 for OCCA arts programs, from auctions of shoe art made by a diverse group.

Art Shoe winners were chosen by vote of the reception attendees. Heather Fortner won the Best of Shoe – Adult Entry award for “The Kelp Boot,” while the Best of Shoe – Student Entry award went to Sisi Husing for “The Mad Hatter Shoe.” General Best of Shoe awards also went to Cheri Aldrich’s “Sedum Boot,” Suzanne Bakalish’s “One Minute Past Midnight,” Kate Boyes for her “Homage to Franz Shoe-Bert,” Terry Hayden’s “Shoe Off,” Melissa MacDonald’s “Flock You,” Mary Madwell’s “Birdcage,” Patty McGough’s “The Family Truckster,” Catherine Rickbone’s “To the Point,” A.T. Ronan’s “Walking on Eggshells,” and Frances VanWert’s “Land Lord.”

OCCA appreciates the donations of art shoes from 92 artists, students, and community members. Shoe artists included Debbie Adamson, Cheri Aldrich, Sarah Anderson, Lily Angima, Jan Auyong, Quinton Auyong, Susanne Bakalish, Barbara Berge, Kate Boyes, Logan Bruce, Sadie Camacho, Rhonda Chase, Nathalie Cruz, Mikheal Davey, Lorna Davis, Elinor deSosa, Juliet Devenport, Quinn Devenport, Tara Devenport, Jane Doe, Maiya Everly, Mark Farley, Alexis Fisher, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Heather Fortner, Natasha Foster, Lucy Furuheim, Danny Gullerud, Terri Hayden, Mary Ann Hickey, Simon Hildenbrand, Madison Hurtt, Sisi Husing, Blake Hutchison, Daniel Ingle, Cynthia Jacobi, Cara Kemp, Sophia Kemp, Sabrina King, Tori Laliberte, Brailey Layne, Jean Lea, Eileen Lighthawk, Catherine Lucido, Sandra Lupton, Mary Madewell, Colleen Maloney, Melissa MacDonald, Patty McGough, Corie McGranahan, Rikki Moellenberndt, Kelly Morris, Bear Otis, Alice Picken, Sarah Gayle Plourde, Emma Price, Laney Price, Sydney Purdom, Catherine Rickbone, A.T. Ronan, Shelbie Rober, Robbie Schoonover, Fritziee Sharp, Aryanna Timm, Frances VanWert, Janet Webster, Candace Wood, and Sandi Williams.