Fire Flora Fiber Workshop

Starts:Saturday, August 18, 2018  10:00 AMEnds:Saturday, August 18, 2018  3:00 PM

Tuition is $75.00 plus a materials fee of $15.00.


Hoffman Center

594 Laneda Avenue

Manzanita, OR 97130

Event Description:

The Hoffman Center for Art in Manzanita will offer a one-day workshop, Fire-Flora-Fiber, on Saturday, August 18, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Led by Seaside artists Kyla and Shane Sjogren.
Tuition is $75.00 plus a materials fee of $15.00.  The workshop is designed for students 18 years and up. No experience is necessary. Anyone with an interest or curiosity of natural dyes, and fiber or ceramists will enjoy learning how to process natural dyes.
Explore and expand your knowledge of plant and insect dyes on two mediums: clay and fiber. In Fire-Flora-Fiber, you will be introduced to the world of natural pigments and how to apply them. This workshop will give you an overview of the application of natural dyes onto fiber and offer insight into how to apply them.
Participants will be provided both bisque porcelain test tiles and various fiber swatches to explore the effect of pigment on both strata. The Sjogrens will delve in from prep to finish for both mediums. The outcomes will be various colors produced on cloth and test tiles. If you are a ceramicist and want to explore the clay side of this class, please bring small porcelain bisque fired objects to the workshop.
Strongly influenced by a blue-collar work ethic and the southern cotton fields surrounding her youth, Kyla Sjogren is a textile designer who passionately works towards bringing the Made in America label back. In 2011, she moved from Northwest Florida to Portland to document the viability of making sustainable wool garments in the Northwest region of the U.S. She initiated the process from start to finish: from raising sheep, processing wool, spinning and weaving, to natural dying and garment design.

Kyla’s work to create a sustainable system for textile and clothing production continues through collaborations with Northwest fashion designers, her work at Pendleton Woolen Mills and Columbia Sportswear, and teaching workshops in the Pacific Northwest.
Kyla say’s her goal “is to educate through creating material with meaning, and to initiate skepticism and investigation into the origins and conditions of where our clothing is manufactured.”
Sjogren is a graduate of the Applied Craft and Design MFA program in Portland, Oregon. To see more of Kyla’s work, please visit her website at
Shane Sjogren, whose ceramics are often on display in the Hoffman’s Gallery, says “my initial inspiration is to intensify an object’s aesthetic value. The ideas often start with natural objects surrounding me at the Oregon Coast. I challenge myself to create things I will never tire of contemplating. Throughout my process the inspirations continually transform freely. The resulting piece often serves a dual purpose of function and diversion. A wavy kelp leaf often curves perfectly around kitchen utensils.”
Shane, who grew up in a Midwestern farm town, says “the Oregon Coast has beckoned me since a childhood family vacation. The colossal vegetation of the forest, the beating pulse of the Pacific, and the culture of community in the Pacific Northwest are irresistible.”
This workshop is limited to 12 people. The deadline to register is Friday, August 10, 2018. Interested persons can find more information or register by following this link:

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