17th Annual Spring Unveiling Arts Festival

Starts:Friday, May 05, 2017  10:00 AMEnds:Sunday, May 07, 2017  4:00 PM



Cannon Beach Galleries

224 N.Hemlock

Cannon Beach, Or 97110

Event Description:

The galleries and their featured Spring Unveiling artists include:


Archimedes Gallery:

Portland artist Brin Levinson’s artwork clearly shows the influence of the city’s industrial areas and older architecture. His “backyard” has become the subject of his art, based upon the collision of urban landscapes and the natural world. Melding together an organic style with graphic overlays, David Rice’s work also focuses on the themes of nature, but it speaks to how instead of only a natural world existing, or one that is manmade, the two can coexist harmoniously if the dominant party yields to this cohesive existence. Nicole Gustafsson works full time as an illustrator specializing in traditional media paintings featuring everything from woodland characters and environments to pop culture based projects.  She uses a stunning color palette to capture fantastical places found in the natural world.


Bronze Coast Gallery

Using the patina process on bronze plates as his canvas, Nathan Bennett mines new veins in painting. Taking the chemicals normally used to finish bronze sculptures, he instead wields them as he would paint, on an eighth-inch-thick sheet of silica bronze that becomes his canvas. The result is stark, but haunting.  Margret Short specializes in still life and floral subjects in oils, concentrating on replicating 17th century paints, hand grinding each pigment. The resulting colors are reminiscent of Rembrandt’s pallet, and create a game of hide and seek in each painting.  Melissa j. Cooper spent ten years working in a Loveland, Colorado foundry, casting other artists’ work, never once thinking of creating her own art. But the hard work was worth it, because it gave her an invaluable education in working in bronze from the bottom up. Today, this award-winning artist’s widely collected wildlife art is all worked in detail that infuses each animal with spirit and personality.


Cannon Beach Art Gallery: The gallery will open their second juried show of 2017 during the weekend.  Themed “Frame of Reference” it will feature contemporary artwork that blends text and image. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to contemporary graphic novels, cultures across centuries have combined the two to communicate.  The show will include calligraphy, altered books or maps, collage, mixed media, and a variety of other media.


DragonFire Gallery: Ann Cavanaugh has drawn on her passion for gardening to create translucent fused glass images with amazing power.

Painting transports Chuck Gumpert into another world where he works on large canvases, with each brush stroke becoming a full body gesture. He continues to explore what happens when projected light and vivid color vs. reflected and natural light. Eli Mazet may be the most passionate glass artist you will ever meet. His most recent project focuses on turning the ordinary shot glass into an extraordinary work of art. Challenging top glass artists to apply their skills, the result created the largest contemporary shot glass collection known today.


Icefire Glassworks: Jim Kingwell will be unveiling the latest in his “Embers’ series, and Suzanne Kindland will be showing new pieces from her “Emerald Forest” collection. Featured artist, Mark Gordon will join them, unveiling more of his current “Murrini” series. The three artists will be blowing glass throughout the weekend.


Imprint Gallery: Continuing to celebrate their grand opening, Mike and Jane Brumfield are not only featuring the work of three artists, but offering demonstrations and classes in their upstairs printmaking studio, featuring resident printmaker, Alisa Vernon.  They will unveil art by Aggie Zed, whose sculptures have a sense of having arrived mid-narrative with unexplained content that is both disturbing and delightful. Many of the figurative sculptures created by Juliellen Byrne explore the troubling emotions that surround injustice, loss and grief. She says she is motivated by the emotions of vulnerability, isolation and anger. A graduate of Oregon State University, Printmaker Angela Purviance produces full color Intaglio prints that are vibrant, whimsical works of art.


Jeffrey Hull Gallery:  Jeffrey’s painting career spans over 40 years and this year he is celebrating his gallery’s 30th anniversary. A resident of Cannon Beach since 1972, he is known for his ability to capture the beauty and moods of where the water joins land, controlling the difficult medium of watercolor, often in very large paintings.  Recently, he has also returned to painting in oil, as well.  His deep love for the area is clearly seen in his original paintings and prints. During the weekend he will be unveiling his newest originals and latest giclée print.


Jewelry by Sharon Amber:  Sharon creates personal treasures using gold and exotic gems.  Best known for her high fire enameled “miniature paintings,” and her carvings in local gems and beach pebbles, she will be unveiling work and designs inspired by recent travels. Joining her will be her son, Steven Amber-Voorheis, who was a finalist in the 2017 Saul Bell Jewelry Competition. She will also be showing new jewelry designs by Nick Ketcham and Thomas Tietze, as well as new paintings by Victoria Brooks, and a collection of paintings by her grand uncle Bernard Geiser, who was a noted WPA painter.


Modern Villa Gallery: Anne Packard draws her inspiration from the area around Cape Cod, with paintings that evoke the surge of relentlessly driven winter seas, as well as the tranquil planes of dunes at rest, or an inviting narrow trail winding through sharp bladed dune grasses. With his imaginative style, bold use of color and dramatic perspective, David Jonathan Marshall brings a fresh new look to the art world. He says when he paints he feels like he’s putting a puzzle together…not always knowing where it will end. The paintings of Josef Kote are described as symphonies of light and color. His trademarks are sweeping strokes of vibrant colors, most often applied with a pallet knife, combined with areas of the canvas left devoid of detail, creating space that lets the eye drift to infinity.


Northwest By Northwest Gallery: Also celebrating their gallery’s 30th anniversary, they will unveil a new bronze collection created for the event by noted public sculptor Georgia Gerber. Joining her will be Master of Fine Art photographer Christopher Burkett, skyscrapers and landscapes oil painter Jeff White, plain air painter Hazel Schlesinger showing her recent painting of the wine country and Cannon Beach, contemporary sculptor and public artist Ivan McLean, known for his large scale works of steel, bronze, glass and wood, Tolley Marney, who creates powerful equine sculptures drawing on a lifetime of traditional blacksmithing, and Cristina Acosta who creates “Memoir” paintings influenced by her Spanish heritage.


White Bird Gallery: Anne John‘s artwork often includes a variety of mediums, which highlight the narrative style she employs within a surreal framework. Robin and John Gumaelius incorporate steel, ceramic and wood to create animated human and anamorphic, bird-like sculptures.  Robin creates the colorful surface imagery and then John adds the exquisite metal armatures that bring the artwork to life. Ken Grant’s career began in retail window and interior display, and evolved into illustration, drawings and advertising, before he devoted full time to painting. From the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, Faryn Davis creates paintings and a line of jewelry that encases tiny painted scenes and found natural objects that are embedded in layers of resin.


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