Mountain Memories Extended in Upstairs Gallery

presented by: Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA)

Starts:Sunday, January 01, 2017  12:00 PMEnds:Saturday, January 28, 2017  4:00 PM



Newport Visual Arts Center

777 NW Beach Drive
Newport, OR 97365 

Directions: Google Maps and other online mapping programs can have a problem directing you to the VAC. Here are the easiest directions to follow: heading north or south on Hwy. 101, turn west on NW 3rd St. Proceed straight down the hill. At the second stop sign, turn right. One short block later, turn left under Nye Beach archway. Proceed straight to Nye Beach turnaround and parking lot. The VAC is the large blue and gray building off the turnaround. To director offices and upper parking lot: turn west of Hwy. 101 at NW 3rd St. Head down hill. At second stop sign, continue straight 1.5 blocks, with the Sylvia Beach Hotel remaining on your left. The VAC administrative offices can be accessed through the smaller, upper parking lot.

Event Description:


Celebrate the Lunar New Year in a very special with an homage to the minority peoples, traditions, and cultures of Asia.  

Newport artist Erin Price’s Mountain Memories Series, depicting her years spent living in and returning to Asia, portray people and places of the Himalaya. As Price explains, they are largely based on memories revived through her own photos.

“They were the neighbors and mountains I loved, says Price, “…the mist beneath our feet, the generosity of ash-cooked potatoes, the exhaustion of mountain treks and nights around the fire.  They were hard row-hoeing, mud huts, goat trails, songs echoing from mountain walls, bustling markets and spicy dishes.  They were joys and triumphs and hardship and illness and shared celebrations; tears and grit and tenacity and hope.”

Each of these vignettes carries with it a Mountain Memory.  Though they are but a glimpse into simple life in the mountains, they are rich with energy, emotion, and love.  This series celebrates diversity and mankind in a manner both timeless and timely.

Price's paintings are on view in the Upstairs Gallery, Tuesday-Saturday, 12-4.

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