Literary Flicks - The Prince and the Pauper

Starts:Tuesday, October 11, 2016  6:30 PMEnds:Tuesday, October 11, 2016  9:00 PM



Newport Public Library

35 NW. Nye St

Newport, OR 97365

Event Description:

The Prince and the Pauper is a 1937 adaptation of the book by Mark Twain. Ttwo boys are born on the same day: the pauper Tom and prince Edward, son of Henry VII of England.. As a boy, Tom sneaks into the palace garden and meets the prince, to discover that they could pass as twins. As a prank, they exchange clothes, but the guards discover them and throw out the prince. Nobody believes either of them when they try to tell the truth. Claude Rains stars as the Earl of Hertford, who plots to kill the prince after the king dies, and Errol Flynn as Miles Hendon, a soldier who comes to the aid of the prince.

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