Veterans Day: Three World War II Teens Share Memories

Starts:Sunday, November 10, 2013  2:00 PMEnds:Sunday, November 10, 2013  4:00 PM



Driftwood Public Library

801 SW Hwy 101 #201 Lincoln City, OR 97367

Event Description:

Three World War Two teenagers invite others who lived or have an interest to join them at the Driftwood Public Library to share memories of life on the Central Oregon Coast during the War and share memories of the front. Pearl Harbor Survivor Ed Johan and Taft High School students Joanne Kangiser Schneider and Lonnie Headrick will share memories prompted by slides provided by facilitator G. Mick McLean.

 Ed Johann was a 17 year old at Pearl Harbor. He had his tonsils removed on December 6, 1941 and was supposed to have Sunday, the 7th, to recuperate. He was called to tender duty to rescue and recover sailors. He received the Navy Medal of Valor for his assistance at the sinking battleship U.S.S Arizona.  Serving on a Flying Boat tender, he later criss-crossed Iron Bottom Sound at Guadalcanal delivering supplies to the shore.

Joann Kangiser Schneider helped with the moral aspect of the War by  “writing to 14 local boys, maybe more. Of course, four were my brothers in the Navy,” Joann said. “I was in Rose Lodge School but we were told it would be closed so the Army could use it as a barracks. The rumor was that the soldiers were wiring area bridges with dynamite in order to blow them up if the Japanese invaded here,” Joann added.

 Fourteen year old at the time, Lonnie Headrick recalls the immediate drop in school enrollment. “Some folks panicked right away, fearing an invasion on our beaches.  They packed up quickly. Others later moved to the Valley for ship yard jobs. We stayed because my father was a logger. Logging was quickly declared a   priority for the War effort and loggers were locked into their jobs,” Lonnie explained.  “Being a big kid, there was lots of work available but, I got to admit, one of my concern was having enough boys in school to field competitive teams.  The boy shortage also had its advantages when it came to dances, he added.

 The Program is facilitated by Storyteller G. Mick McLean who encourages participation from the audience and provides War-time posters and photos. Questions about the program may be directed to Ken Hobson at Driftwood Public Library: 541-996-1242 or

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