Writing Workshop: “Memoir/Fiction: Is there a difference?”

Starts:Saturday, October 19, 2013  10:00 AMEnds:Saturday, October 19, 2013  2:00 PM


Event Description:

Whitney Otto will lead a writing workshop: “Memoir/Fiction:  Is there a difference?”  

In this workshop, students will read the beginnings of fictional and nonfictional pieces and talk about the difference in approach–or if there is a discernible difference.  Why would a writer pen a fictional autobiography instead of a memoir?

Participants will then do a short exercise that can be written as fiction or memoir.  Before the workshop, attendees should think about a story that they enjoy telling, or one that they never tire of hearing.

Whitney Otto is the author of five novels: How To Make an American Quilt, which was a New York Times Best Seller (as well as other bestseller lists) and NY Times Notable Book; nominated for the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award, and adapted into a feature film produced by Steven Spielberg. Now You See Her was nominated for an Oregon Book Award, and optioned for film. The Passion Dream Book was a Los Angeles Times bestseller, optioned for a film, and an Oregonian Book Club selection. A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity was a Multnomah County Library selection. Her novels have been published in fourteen languages.


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