Three Perfect Poems

presented by: Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Starts:Saturday, September 21, 2013  10:00 AMEnds:Sunday, September 22, 2013  4:00 PM



Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
56605 Sitka Drive
Otis, OR 97368

Event Description:

Okay, so perfection might be overrated, but when we're getting ready to submit poems for publication, it's good to know they've got everything it takes to make it on their own. In this workshop, we'll edit three poems (a perfect number of poems to submit at once) by each student until they are send-ready. We'll try a variety of fun and useful revision techniques as well as workshop the poems in small groups until we're confident they're ready to send. We'll also draft the ever-elusive cover letter and discuss publications to consider submitting to.


About the Instructor

Jennifer Boyden is a poet whose books were awarded the 2010 Brittingham Prize in Poetry and the 2013 Four Lakes Prize in Poetry. Her work reflects a deep awareness of how language keeps us inspired, alive, and well. She brings a generous and informed style to her poetry editing workshops, with a focus on helping each writer enter his or her own style on a deeper level. 


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