Sculpture Utilizing Traditional and Non-Traditional Materials

presented by: Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Starts:Monday, August 26, 2013  10:00 AMEnds:Wednesday, August 28, 2013  4:00 PM



Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
56605 Sitka Drive
Otis, OR 97368

Event Description:

Explore non-traditional sculpture materials as you carve, mold, glue, plaster, paint and staple your way to a contemporary piece of art. Expand your thinking, play, and get messy while utilizing items commonly found in your local hardware store including plaster, fillers, stucco, resin, rubber and more. Focus on creating from your imagination while moving your ideas into a three-dimensional space. Have fun, get dirty and explore the hardware store in your heart and gut!


About the Instructor

Becky Busi’s love of the Arts bridges age, gender and socio-economic arenas. She enjoys creating for herself and with others. She has an affinity for found objects that have been “touched” by someone before her. Finding a new visual usage for disparate items is seductively inspiring. She has been a mentor and adjunct professor throughout her career and has had the privilege of working with such artists as Yoshitomo Saito ( and Guggenheim recipient Ron Nagle ( 


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