Ply-Splitting: Braids, Baskets and Beyond

presented by: Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Starts:Monday, July 01, 2013  10:00 AMEnds:Wednesday, July 03, 2013  4:00 PM



Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
56605 Sitka Drive
Otis, OR 97368

Event Description:

Ply-splitting offers an unusual, captivating, addictive and very portable fiber technique to basket makers, weavers, braiders and other fiber enthusiasts. Instead of elements moving over and under each other, in ply-splitting four-ply cords move through each other. Discover how a simple handheld tool allows you to create shaped bands, tubes, baskets and flat pieces that are dense and durable. Learn how to design and make four-ply cords easily and efficiently. You will construct sample pieces which will serve as future references, and then follow your muse to design and begin your own bands, neckwear, and baskets.



About the Instructor

Barbara J. Walker’s teaching is characterized by good humor, open dialog and gentle encouragement. She is an internationally recognized fiber artist and juried member of Northwest Designer Craftsmen. She has taught ply-splitting and weaving workshops throughout the United States, England, Canada, New Zealand and the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Her work has won numerous awards, and her pieces are the sole examples of ply-splitting in Lark Books’ “500 Baskets.” Barbara published “Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns: Interpreting Weave Structures in Ply-Split Braiding” in 2012, and she has authored many articles in major weaving publications. 


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