Diving Into Oregon’s Marine Reserves

presented by: Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Starts:Saturday, July 06, 2013  10:00 AMEnds:Saturday, July 06, 2013  4:00 PM



Sitka Center for Art & Ecology

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
56605 Sitka Drive
Otis, OR 97368

Event Description:

Explore the science of Oregon’s Marine Reserves. Through hands-on activities and watching underwater video, learn about the Reserve’s plant and animal populations as well as social, cultural and economic-related issues.Activities include seaweed pressing, a method of preserving species which is both functional and artistic. Anyone curious about the marine environment is welcome. This workshop will take place indoors at the Sitka Center.


About the Instructor

Stacy Galleher is the community engagement coordinator for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. She helps coordinate the outreach, education, and communication about a variety of topics including marine reserves. Dr. Gayle Hansen is a seaweed expert at Oregon State University. She has been studying the taxonomy and biogeography of marine algae for nearly forty years and is currently working on the biodiversity of intertidal algae of beaches, the subtidal algae of marine reserves, and Oregon’s rare seaweed species. Melissa Murphy is the human dimensions monitoring program leader with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. She studies the affects of marine reserves on coastal communities and stakeholders using economic impact research and social and cultural connections. 

Website: www.oregonocean.info/marinereserves

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