25 Year Reunion of “International Anthem”

Starts:Saturday, July 06, 2013  8:00 PMEnds:Saturday, July 06, 2013  11:00 PM



Astor Street Opry Company Playhouse

129 West Bond Street


Astoria, OR 97103

Event Description:

 ASOC hosts the 25 year reunion celebration for the locally grown, Rock and Roll Band “International Anthem”. 

 Highlighting the evening will be a reunion tribute of this popular band from the late 1980’s featuring a call to the stage of Mr. Mark Berney, who’s home making a quick visit  to Astoria after touring with Itzack Pearlman and the Boston Philharmonic, to play a selection of “International Anthem” songs to mark their 25th Anniversary.

This for ONE NIGHT ONLY event will also feature a full evening of three live bands including Eugene based groups with Astoria roots “ The Koozies” and “ Psyrup” along with local rockers “The Chronicles of Bad Butch”.  “The Koozies” were formed in 2001 from several former “International Anthem” band members featuring Tuan Bui on lead guitar, Jacob Pruzynski on acoustic guitar, Jason Naggiar on bass guitar. In addition to these three homegrown rockers “The Koozies” include: Jayson Breeton on drums and Sean Shanihan on mandolin, banjo and pedal steel guitar.

 They are looking forward to returning to their hometown and have a very special evening planned especially since their connection to the Astor Street Opry Company run deep as they go all the way back to the John Jacob Astor Hotel Lobby days where ASOC called home for over 7 years. Touring and recording and playing music together for most of their lives the boys in the band have a special connection you can hear it in their great tunes and their expressive playing is guaranteed to be hugely entertaining night of music. They have released three well received albums including: "Keep It Cool", "Powerkeg" and "Fish Head Soup" and have toured the country and played countless shows. you can catch some of their music on their music @ www.reverbnation.com/the koozies


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