Literary Flicks - A Tale of Two Cities

Starts:Tuesday, May 14, 2013  6:30 PMEnds:Tuesday, May 14, 2013  8:40 PM



Newport Public Library

35 NW. Nye St

Newport, OR 97365

Event Description:

A Tale of Two Cities is a 1935 film based on Charles Dickens' 1859 novel. Against the backdrop of the French Revolution, the film focuses on the lives of Lucie Manette, a French girl reared in England, Charles Darnay, the idealistic nephew of the vicious Marquis St. Evremonde, and Sydney Carton, a cynical, alcoholic lawyer. Both men love Lucie, and their lives are entwined in the conflagration of revenge fueled by the Reign of Terror. The film was nominated for Acadamy Awards for Best Picture and Best Film Editing. (128 min.)

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