Starts:Saturday, February 02, 2013  12:00 AMEnds:Thursday, February 28, 2013  12:00 AM



Driftwood Public Library

801 SW Hwy 101 #201 Lincoln City, OR 97367

Event Description:

Blind dates are something a lot of people dread, but they can also be strangely exhilarating. For those with an adventurous spirit, the anxiety of entering into an unknown situation can be balanced by the excitement of discovery. Sure, you may spend an evening in mild discomfort, but then again… you  may meet the love of your life.

With that sense of adventure and discovery in mind, many libraries this year are offering a less risky alternative to going on a blind date with another human (which can involve all sorts of messy emotions)- why not instead go on a blind date with a book? For the adventurous reader, the experiment offers an opportunity to discover a new book you may never have considered reading, and for the reader who may feel they've fallen into a reading rut (it happens to all of us), it offers a chance to get out of that rut and break into a new genre.

Heather Jones at Driftwood Public Library heard of the Blind Date with a Book Program and decided to see if the library's readers had the sense of adventure needed to allow chance to choose their next book for them. Here's how the program works: throughout the month of February, visitors to the library will find a display of books wrapped in brown paper in the library's inner foyer. The point of the brown wrapping is to completely obscure the book's identity. Readers with library cards may choose a book from the display and check it out, with the understanding that no matter what the book is, you'll give it your best shot at reading it through. The point is to take a risk, and to allow fate to play a hand in choosing what you read. The hope is that the book you choose is one you may never have considered trying before, and in this way expose readers to genres and styles they may have overlooked in the past. Once you've read the book, or at least made an honest and fair attempt at doing so, write a review of the book on the library's catalog, fill out your name and phone number on the slip included with the book you chose and when you return the book, drop your slip into the drawing box at the front counter and claim your free book bag as an appreciation for taking part. A drawing will be held in March for a pair of tickets to the Bijou Theater.

For further information about the Blind Date with a Book program, please contact Heather Jones at or 541-996-2277.





best parts of going on a blind date with a library book are that it's cheap,
but also, if either of you gets bored, you can cut the date short without any
fear of hurt feelings. The library asks that readers only choose 1 book at a
time, but as they return each book they're welcome to try another until the
program ends on February 28th. Keep trying until you find the perfect
match! All drawing entry forms are due by March 14th. Who knows, you
may find an author or genre you can't live without, and you just may hook up
with the book you've been searching for all your life.


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