2018 Oregon Coast Jazz Party

15th annual event is set for October 5-7, 2018.

Oregon Coast Jazz Party logo 2014

Save the dates: October 5-7, 2018 marks the 15th annual Oregon Coast Jazz Party! Oregon Coast Council for the Arts celebrates 15 years with the party, which is held at the Newport Performing Arts Center in Newport. "Honoring Women in Jazz" is the theme of this year's event, to mark its 15th anniversary.

The Oregon Coast Jazz Party celebrates great live jazz – and the dedicated fans who love it – in the beautiful town of Newport, on the central Oregon coast. Expect multiple sets from renowned jazz stars, nightcap performances, and educational events during your stay.

Hofmann's roster includes the amazing jazz violinist Regina Carter's Quartet, alto sax star Grace Kelly's Quartet, and guitarist Mimi Fox's renowned San Francisco String Trio; as well as Tanya Darby on trumpet, vocalist Sinne Eeg, Yve Evans on piano and vocals, Kerry Politzer's Bossa PDX, and pianist Helen Sung. The South Eugene High School Dorians vocal jazz ensemble will also appear at the event this year, with Evans at the piano. Special guests include pianist George Colligan, drummer Alvester Garnett, bassist Tom Wakeling, and pianist Mike Wofford, as well as bassist Dylan Sundstrom, and drummer Charlie Doggett.

Twitter _logoFacebook _logoOCCA is the founding organizational sponsor of the event, and partners with local businesses and more than 60 volunteers in its production.

See more about the 2018 musicians below.

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    • Grace Kelly Quartet

      This young Korean American saxophonist, singer, songwriter, composer and educator has headlined over 700 sets in over 30 countries at all major jazz festivals, from Montreux to Newport to Montreal.

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    • Holly Hofmann

      Holly Hofmann has taken the flute from its middle-of-the-orchestra origins and made it a front-line instrument in jazz. She has earned the praise and respect of musicians and jazz aficionados for her bluesy, bebop-based improvisations and technical prowess. Holly has also been this party’s music director since 2007.

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    • Helen Sung

      Now based in New York City, Sung has worked with a “Who’s Who” in jazz, including the late Clark Terry, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter and Wynton Marsalis. Her trio includes bassist Tom Wakeling and drummer Alvester Garnett.

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    • Kerry Politzer's Bossa PDX

      A jazz pianist with classical and Brazilian influences, Politzer appears with the Bossa PDX quintet, which includes flutist Melissa Carroll, guitarist Ben Graves, bassist Dylan Sundstrom, and her husband George Colligan on percussion.

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    • Mimi Fox's San Francisco String Trio

      This super group, made up of three dazzling virtuosos, has come together to create an eclectic, riveting mixture of beautiful and passionate music.

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    • Regina Carter Quartet

      Violinist Regina Carter is a highly original soloist whose sophisticated technique and rich, lush tone took the jazz world by pleasant surprise when she arrived in New York from her native Detroit. She’s joined by pianist Xavier Davis, bassist Chris Lightcap, and drummer Alvester Garnett.

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    • Sinne Eeg

      Sinne Eeg's distinctive vocals and original compositions have earned her a loyal and rapidly growing fan base in her native country of Denmark and around the world.

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    • Serena Geroe

      San Diego guitarist Serena Geroe plays her first festival at OCJP this year.

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    • Tanya Darby

      An accomplished bandleader and educator, Tanya Darby is a native of Seaside, Calif., and has a hefty catalogue of performance and collaboration in her career.

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    • Yve Evans

      This California-based singer, songwriter and pianist has traveled all around the world, dedicated to sharing the sheer joy and freedom of jazz and its timeless repertoire.

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