Oregon Coast Jazz Party Sponsors

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Oregon Coast Council for the Arts and the Oregon Coast Jazz Party Committee are deeply grateful for the support of the Jazz Club, other donors, businesses and volunteers who work together to produce this annual event. 

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To become a sponsor, please contact OCCA!

Sponsors (as of July 25, 2018)

Oregon Coast Jazz Party is presented by Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, Founding Organization, with support from the North Coast Brewing Company, Columbia Bank, Newport News-Times, Milt Bernhardt Travel, and Oregon Coast Piano Services.

Jazz Hotels

Hallmark InnThe Whaler

Jazz Party Underwriter: Rev. Carol Stubbs Smith

Musician Underwriters: Marty Esposito • Linda Kolar & Dan Houts • Jeffrey Ogburn

Media Sponsors

Jazz Society of Oregon, Jazz Times, KLCCKMHD/Oregon Public BroadcastingOregon Coast MagazineYaquina Bay Communications (KNPT, KBCH, U92, KYTE, KWDP, KCRF)

Official Travel Agent: Milt Bernhart Travel 

818-559-1313 • Assisting Jazz Artists with Travel Needs since 1973

Music Director Lodging: Elizabeth Oceanfront Suites

Jazz Education Partner: Just Jazz Inc.

Jazz Club 2018

Don Bourque & Susan Knowlton, Bob Emrich & Cyndy Heisler, Laurel Freed, Frank & Michelle Geltner, JJ Hendricks, Judy Hogan, Jocelyn Howells, Ray & Claire Little, James & Jean Morrison, David & Anne Noall, George & Margot Pearson, Vern Schervem, Karl Voiles & Elaine Janiak, Joe Weber, Barry & Phyllis Winters

Jazz Patrons

Carl Carmichael, John Fenker, Bob & Frieda Golding, Lucien & Sally Klein, Roger Leo,
Ramona Martin, Ron & Maria Patterson, AKR & Patricia Rao

Jazz Friends

Anonymous, Charles Aldine, Kirby & Amy Allen, Nila Baker, Wayne & Sal Belmont, Marvin Bolstad, Ross Bondurant & Catherine Harris, Roger & Janet Budke, Stephen Cutler, Gary & Pam Gormley, Jim & Terri Harrington, Fred & Ruth Kaser, Denise Locke, Catherine Rickbone, Jonathan Smith

Youth Supporters

Kirby & Amy Allen, Peter & Linda Friedman

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Jazz Club members receive special discounts and a free lunch buffet on Saturday.

In Support of Jazz:
The OCJP Jazz Club

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) is indebted to its Jazz Club members, who realize that for the Oregon Coast Jazz Party to survive and thrive, early, consistent funds are needed to embark on international and national marketing and to provide the base for our music director to start booking musicians. Thank you for your dedication to jazz and OCCA. 

Jazz Club members agree to make a stable donation to support the Oregon Coast Jazz Party for a minimum of two years. Ask a Jazz Club member how to join, or call the Performing Arts Center at 541-265-2787 for details. Jazz Club members receive numerous benefits, including advance ticket discounts, exclusive pass prices, and special events during the Jazz Party.