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Thank You, Returning Jazz Hotels!

Hallmark Inns & Resort • Shilo Inn Hotel • The Whaler 

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Wondering where to stay during the Oregon Coast Jazz Party? Jazz Hotels provide at last 15 room-nights for musicians. Check for jazz party rates at these locations. We have also provided a link to our Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce 'accommodations' and Discover Newport 'lodging' links.

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Hallmark Inns and Resort • (888) 448-4449 • www.hallmarkinns.com

The Whaler • (800) 433-9444 • www.whalernewport.com

Nye Cottage supports the festival by providing accommodations for the festival's piano tuner.

Nye Cottage • (866)592-5556 • www.nyecottage.com

Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce - www.newportchamber.org

Destination Newport - discovernewport.com

Thank You, Jazz Hotels!

Hallmark Inn Newport

Hallmark Resort Newport

The Whaler

The Whaler