Join the Party!

OCJP logo red and whiteWe're so glad you want to volunteer! The Oregon Coast Jazz Party relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to produce this international annual event. Please contact us here about volunteering for the Oregon Coast Jazz Party.

In celebration of more than a decade of service, we thank our volunteers who have been with the party since the very beginning: David Jones, Dave Jacobson, Peter Lawson, Randy Madnick, Dean Prosser, and Nancy Jane Reid.

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2012 Jazz committee 

David M. Jones, Chair

Suzan Brewer • Frank Geltner

Jim Hamblin • David Jacobson

Kym Jacobson • Peter Lawson

Randy Madnick • Sandy Post 

Catherine Rickbone • Neal Staufenbeil 

Sandee Staufenbeil • Joseph Swafford

Performing Arts Center staff

Jan Eastman

Polly Ivers

Ron Miller

Catherine Rickbone


Ginny West