About the Oregon Coast Jazz Party

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Save the dates: October 5-7, 2018 marks the 15th annual Oregon Coast Jazz Party! Oregon Coast Council for the Arts celebrates 15 years with the party, which is held at the Newport Performing Arts Center and at the Shilo Inn Suites Hotel, both in Newport. "Honoring Women in Jazz"
is the theme of this year's event, to mark its 15th anniversary.

The Oregon Coast Jazz Party celebrates great live jazz – and the dedicated fans who love it – in the beautiful town of Newport, on the central Oregon coast. Expect multiple sets from renowned jazz stars, nightcap performances, and educational events during your stay.

Hofmann's roster includes the amazing jazz violinist Regina Carter's Quartet, alto sax star Grace Kelly's Quartet, and guitarist Mimi Fox's renowned San Francisco String Trio; Dena DeRose on piano and vocals, Tanya Darby on trumpet, vocalist Sinne Eeg, Yve Evans on piano and vocals, Kerry Politzer's Bossa PDX, and pianist Helen Sung. The South Eugene High School Dorians vocal jazz ensemble will also appear at the event this year, with Evans at the piano.

Twitter _logoFacebook _logoOCCA is the founding organizational sponsor of the event, and partners with local businesses and more than 60 volunteers in its production. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

Here's some background and a brief history of each of the Oregon Coast Jazz Party events, compiled by Frank Geltner, former OCCA executive director and avid jazz fan.

Otter Crest Origins

The Oregon coast has always attracted people who understand the challenges – and rewards – of “do-it-yourself” entertainment, a good example of which is the long history of serious jazz in this area. These jazz fans banded together to produce shows that they wanted to see.

As best as can be determined, serious jazz came to the central Oregon coast in 1978, when the Jazz Society of Oregon (JSO) sponsored its first Otter Crest Jazz Weekend at the Inn at Otter Crest. Several big-name jazz musicians performed during this three-day event, and although the festival was not a financial success, it raised the JSO profile, which was established in 1973 to advance public acceptance of jazz music as a viable force in contemporary culture.

Here’s a 1978 line-up, from a JSO display ad in the Sunday Oregonian announcing an “Otter Crest Jazz Weekend” for March 17, 18 and 19: Carl Fontana, Art Pepper, Blue Mitchell, Plas Johnson with Dave Mackay, Monty Budwig, Joey Baron, Andy Simpkins, Mel Brown, and more. The article billed it “... A new and innovative approach to contemporary art...” and advised its readers not to miss it. No jazz fan would. 

Black, Brown & Beige


Promoters Jim and Mary Brown, who helped to inaugurate the Otter Crest Jazz Weekend, produced this three-day version in a format that is now known as a “jazz party,” where a group of independent musicians spend a weekend performing in different groupings for several hundred dedicated fans in a retreat 

or resort setting. Those concerts brought many nationally-known players to the area and demonstrated that an audience for jazz existed outside the urban nightclub venues.

In delivering the Otter Crest Jazz Weekends under the “jazz party” concept, Jim and Mary Brown proved that a highly concentrated program of top-flight jazz musicians, showcased in an intimate setting, was a successful formula.

Kathy Rich moved from Portland to the coast full time around 1993. She remembers that these events took place at random – sometimes once a month, sometimes every other week – all depending on who was touring the area. Her primary partner in arranging the dates was Ralph Lodewick. Ralph would arrange the jazz musician(s) and Kathy would get busy on her phone, notifying the fans.

Jazz on the Water


After 17 years of Otter Crest Jazz Weekends, which spanned the years 1978 to 1995, Geno Michaels produced Jazz on the Water for three years, from 1997 to 1999. These events were held on Newport’s Bayfront in South Beach around the Newport Marina. 

OCCA and Jazz  

Initial discussions for the OCCA jazz event occurred over a period of a year, with board member Jeff Ouderkirk being the champion of the event to the board of directors.

When the idea of starting a jazz event in Newport presented itself in 2003, OCCA and its executive director at the time, Frank Geltner, came up with the name “Jazz At Newport.” Since he had, for the most part, worked with booking agencies, that is the model he brought to OCCA that first year.


Sponsorships proved critical to get the event off the ground. Founding sponsors included West Coast Bank and board member Jeff Ouderkirk, Ouderkirk’s friends in the Agate Beach Surf Club, and many other community partners such as Windermere West Coast Properties. Media partners, in-kind gifts, and generous cash donations made it possible to present this celebration of America’s unique art form.

Sponsorships have expanded over the years to include, most notably, the City of Newport, the Newport News-Times, and, in recent years, the Reverend Carol Stubbs Smith and North Coast Brewing. 

In Support of Jazz

Supplementing the performances in the event itself, OCCA presented “Jazz Fridays” every Friday leading up to the event, in the early years. These were staged in the lobby of the Newport Performing Arts Center, featuring some of the finest local jazz artists. 

2007_foxJazz Around Town was an effort to include local lodging properties and restaurants, and to provide an outlet for local and regional jazz artists. Artists appearing at the event performed “off hours” at local venues – that is, when they weren’t playing at the event itself. Jazz Around Town continued in one form or another for a number of years as well.  

Newport’s First Year

The first Jazz at Newport year of 2004 featured a very broad event, with shows scattered all over Newport at more than a dozen venues – a challenge for producers, and so many shows to think about for patrons that “overkill” was a common term in their discussions, that first year.

The Next Step

During the 2004 event Geltner met renowned jazz flutist, composer, arranger, band-leader and – as it turned out – jazz party producer Holly Hofmann, who offered an idea about the difference between a “festival” and a “jazz party.”


The “jazz party” proved to be a formula that had been tried at many locations, including the Otter Crest Jazz Weekend. However, the success of such a format is directly related to having a music director who is close to successful artists. For Newport’s event, that person was Holly Hofmann, who became music advisor in 2006, “named” music director in 2007, and the event’s official music director since 2008.

In 2006, with Hofmann’s assistance in shifting to the jazz party concept, artists were booked who would symbolically connect the jazz party to its predecessor, the Otter Crest Jazz Weekend.


When Geltner retired from his position as executive director of OCCA, the event’s future was uncertain. What was the future of jazz at Newport?


Fortunately, when Geltner retired, OCCA’s new executive director, Catherine Rickbone, and the OCCA board continued the event and the committee happily set out to make it even better.

In the meantime, the non-profit Just Jazz was formed to be the successor organization if, for any reason, OCCA would discontinue its support of the event. Just Jazz has become dedicated to jazz education surrounding the Oregon Coast Jazz Party. 


Jazz Dialogues – free, open-to-the-public interviews of jazz artists at which audience members could also ask questions – were introduced in the first year, featuring Phil Brenes of KMHD, who was also a JSO board member and past vice president. The dialogues involved a great deal of research by Brenes, inc

luding many excerpts from each artist’s discography. These were recorded live for later broadcast on KMHD radio, an important voice for jazz in Portland.

2010_williamsIn 2010, as Brenes’s retirement and other commitments took more of his time, the dialogues “morphed” into an interactive jazz panel featuring many musicians, moderated by none other than Hofmann herself.

Jazz clinics from event musicians have also been a feature since the event’s origin.

Jazz in Color

Each year, the event has pinned its identity on a compelling image illustrating jazz. In the inaugural year of 2004, the featured graphic was extracted from a painting by local artist Jon Zander from Jeff Ouderkirk’s collection. Every year thereafter OCCA has selected artwork from local and regional artists to serve as the “face” of the party. 

The artwork featured in 2005 was by Newport artist Juergen Eckstein, and in 2006 by Seattle-based artist Nancy Peacock. In 2007, Mimi Fox’s “Blue Clarinet” was the featured graphic, while 2008’s image was a stylized photo of John Clayton’s bass by Nancy Jane Reid, former director of the Newport Visual Arts Center, and photographer of note in Newport. In 2009, Bill Kucha’s “Jazz Singer” painting was the featured graphic. 

2011_williamsConnie Williams won the juried art contest twice with her paintings “Drummer Riff” in 2010 and “West Coast Jazz” in 2011. In 2012, the artwork was created by Eileen Hearne.

Nairne Dickey has done all design work from 2006 to the present for the Jazz Party. 

Sine qua Non

Volunteers are a large part of the success of the Jazz Party each year. In celebration of our tenth year, we thank our volunteers who have been with the party since the very beginning: David Jones, Dave Jacobson, Peter Lawson, Randy Madnick, Dean Prosser, and Nancy Jane Reid.

The event literally couldn’t happen without the entire jazz committee and the more than 60 volunteers who help put the event on each year.

2012_hearneWhat makes this event special, first and foremost, is the excellent talent assembled by music director Holly Hofmann. Add to that the superb location on the Oregon coast and the fabulous venues of the Newport Performing Arts Center and the Shilo Inns Suites Hotel – not to mention the support of local and regional businesses, a local fan base, and a dedicated core of volunteers – it all adds up to a party you don’t want to miss.







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2015 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Oct. 2-4

The 12th annual Oregon Coast Jazz Party celebrated America’s greatest art form with three days of live jazz and jazz education on the beautiful Oregon coast! By popular request, the party has expanded to include events on Friday and Sunday afternoons, as well as a jazz breakfast on Sunday morning – for a total of nine sessions featuring 23 musicians. The jazz party format means that musicians, assembled by Music Director Holly Hofmann, play in different groupings and arrangements over the three-day event.

Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) is the organizational sponsor of the international event, and partners with local businesses and more than 60 volunteers in the production of the jazz party. 

Hofmann's 2015 lineup included some of the hottest names in jazz as well as long-time Newport favorites, such as John Clayton on bass, pianist Mike Wofford, Alvester Garnett on drums, pianist Bill Mays with his Inventions Trio (with cellist Alisa Horn and Marvin Stamm on trumpet), Gilbert Castellanos on trumpet, and Rickey Woodard on tenor sax.

The legendary Bill Charlap - Renee Rosnes Piano Duo, based in New York City, made a special appearance at this year’s party. Appearing for the first time at OCJP were NYC-based artists Larry Fuller on piano and Gary Smulyan on baritone sax. Guitarist Frank Potenza, vocalist Mary Stallings, and bassist/vocalist Katie Thiroux joined the party from southern California.

Portland-based artists Mike Horsfall on piano and vibes, drummers Carlton Jackson and Alan Jones, vocalist Marilyn Keller, guitarist Ryan Meagher, Bobby Torres on congas and percussion, and bassist Tom Wakeling rounded out the roster in 2015.

The event also featured a free jazz panel discussion with Alvester Garnett, Frank Potenza and Katie Thiroux, all hosted by Hofmann, on Sunday, Oct. 4. Jazz clinics, supported by Just Jazz and OCCA, featured drummer Alan Jones at 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2 at Newport High School, bassist John Clayton at 9:15 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 3 at the Newport Shilo Inn, and guitarist Frank Potenza at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 3 at the PAC.

2014 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Oct. 3-5

Harry Allen (as), Dee Daniels (v), Mimi Fox (g), Darrell Grant’s MJ New: Celebrating the Modern Jazz Quartet (Darrell Grant [p], Mike Horsfall [vbs], Marcus Shelby [b], Carlton Jackson [d]), Benny Green Trio (Benny Green [p], David Wong [b], Rodney Green [d]), Rebecca Kilgore (v), Nicki Parrott (b, v), Ken Peplowski (ts, cl), Randy Porter (p), Chuck Redd (vbs, d), Todd Strait (d), Byron Stripling (t, v), Swing Shift Jazz Orchestra, Tom Wakeling (b), Mike Wofford (p)

2013 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Oct. 4-6

Bill Charlap Trio – Bill Charlap (p), Peter Washington (b), Kenny Washington (d); Rickey Woodard (ts), Terell Stafford (t), Mike Wofford (p), John Wiitala (b), Sylvia Cuenca (d), Bruce Forman (g), John Clayton (b), Gary Hobbs (d), Jackie Ryan (v), Mike Wofford (p), Houston Person (ts), Essiet Okon Essiet (b), Lewis Nash (d), Holly Hofmann (f), Randy Porter (p), John Wiitala (b), Jason Palmer (d), Bryant Allard's Picante – Bryant Allard (tpt, v), Reinhardt Melz (pcs), Al Martin (pcs), Al Criado (b) Devin Sanders (p), Catarina New (ts, v); Newport Coast Jazz Trio – John Bringetto (t), Jim Cameron (b), Ron Green (b)

2012 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Oct. 4-7

Clayton Brothers Quintet: (John Clayton, Terell Stafford, Gerald Calyton, Jeff Clayton, Obed Calvaire), Dave Captein (b), Graham Dechter (g), Denise Donatelli (v), Wycliffe Gordon (trom), Jeff Hamilton (d), Atsuko Hashimoto (B3), Gary Hobbs (d), Bill Mays (p), Tony Pacini (p), Ken Peplowski (c, ts), Chuck Redd (d, vib), Kenny Washington (v), and Tom Wakeling (b)

2011 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

Kristin Korb (b,v), Terell Stafford (tpt), Jeff Hamilton (d), Holly Hofmann (f), Tamir Hendelman (p), Monty Alexander (p), Howard Alden (g), Dave Captein (b), Anat Cohen (c, ts), Mike Horsfall (vib), Christoph Luty (b), Lewis Nash (d), Hassan Shakur (b), David Valdez (as), Mike Wofford (p), Jeff Hamilton Trio, Weber Iago/David Valdez Chamber Jazz Project, and the PDX Jazz Quintet: Dick Titterington (t)), Rob Davis (ts), Greg Goebel (p), Dave Captein (b), Todd Strait (d)

2010 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Oct. 1-3

Dave Captein (b), John Clayton (b), Bill Cunliffe (p), Jim Douglas (d), Bruce Forman (g), Alvester Garnett (d), Greg Goebel (p), Benny Green (p), Halie Loren (v), Holly Hofmann (f), Mary Ann McSweeney (b), Jeremy Pelt (t), Houston Person (ts), Randy Porter (p), Todd Strait (d), Roseanna Vitro (v), and John Wiitala (b)

2009 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Oct. 2-4

Featured artists included: Jeffery Clayton (ts), Graham Dechter (g), Mimi Fox (g), Darrell Grant (p), Jeff Hamilton (d), Tamir Hendelman (p), Alan Jones (d), Christoph Luty (b), Ira Nepus (tb), Nicki Parrott (b, v), Chuck Redd (d, vib), Mickey Roker (d), Tom Scott (as), Terell Stafford (tpt), Tom Wakeling (b), Martin Zarzar (perc) and Mike Wofford (p)

2008 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Sept. 4-7

Obed Calvaire (d), John Clayton (b), Jeff Clayton (ts), Gerald Clayton (p), Dee Daniels (v, p), Mimi Fox (g), Jeff Hamilton (d), Dave Frishberg (p, v), Atsuko Hashimoto (B3), Gary Hobbs (d), Kevin Mahogany (v), Ken Peplowski (c, s), Houston Person (ts), Terell Stafford (t)

2007 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Sept. 6-9

John Clayton (b), Gilbert Castellanos (t), Ron Eschete (g), Benny Green (p), Jeff Hamilton Trio, Tamir Hendelman (p), Christoph Luty (b), Holly Hofmann (f), Red Holloway, Ken Peplowski (c, ts), Chuck Redd (d) and Mike Wofford (p). Featured Oregon artists: David Averre (d), Dan Balmer (g), John Bringetto (brass), Mel Brown (d), Darrell Grant (p), Mike Horsfall (p, v), Marilyn Keller (v), Gordon Lee (p), Dan Presley (b), Eli Reisman (g), Scott Steed (b), Todd Strait (d), Bobby Torres (d, perc), Belinda Underwood (b, v), Tall Jazz and Perpetua. This year featured the Otter Crest Tribute with commentary by Jim Brown and Bill Ramsey, and included Red Holloway, Ken Peplowski, Benny Green, Mike Wofford, John Clayton, and Jeff Hamilton.

2006 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Sept. 7-10

Jeff Hamilton (d), Ken Peplowski (ts), Houston Person (ts), Mike Wofford (p), Holly Hofmann (f), Andre St. James (b), Mel Brown (d), John Clayton (b), Thara Memory (tpt), Renato Caranto (ts), Warren Rand (as), Gordon Lee (p), Stan Bock (tb), Tamir Hendelman (p), Christoph Luty (b), Randy Porter (p), Gary Hobbs (d), Dan Faehnle (g), Nicholas Bearde (v), Barbara Blair (v), Jeff Hamilton Trio, Mel Brown Septet, Cubist Quartet, Bobby Torres Ensemble, and Eleven Eyes

2005 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Sept. 9-11

Marlena Shaw, Mel Brown Quartet and Septet, David Hutson Quartet, Mario Flores Latin Jazz Band, Tall Jazz, Swing Shift, Jenna Mammina, Joel Nixon, Cami Thompson, Jim Olsen, Barbara Blair, Sean Flannery, Thara Memory, Clarke Morris, Warren Rand, Bob Ragan, Renato Caranto, Richard Johnson, Stan Bock, dough DuPriest, Gordon Lee, Glenn Bonney, Andre St. James, Emily Wagner, Dan Presley, Paul Roth, Mike Horsfall, Aaron Anderson, David Averre, Dana Heitman, Dan Balmer, Warren Wellford, tony Pacini, Jim Josephson, Ed Bennett, David Heyer, Brian Stock, Andria Martin, Dr. Rod Harris, Jim Douglas, Mark Gee, John Teising, Mike Miller

2004 Oregon Coast Jazz Party – Sept. 10-12

Bud Shank Quartet, we had Diane Monroe, Calamity Jazz, George Brooks, Larry Coryell, Kai Eckhardt Trio, Dan Balmer Trio, Don Latarski Trio with Marilyn Keller, Paul Biondi, Guy Stacy, In Good Measure, Palmer Lavin Duo, Armonica & Eddie Parente Quartet, Lincoln Pops Band, Tall Jazz, Eleven Eyes, David Hutson Quartet, Barbara Dzuro, Pat & Patty George, Mel Brown B3 Organ Quartet and Spiritual Jazz with Marilyn Keller

1999 Jazz on the Water – August 27-29

Shirley Horn Trio, Jacky Terrason Band, Cedar Walton and Trio, Randy Porter with David Friesen Trio, Gordon Lee with Gordon Lee Trio, Marc Seales with New Stories, John Serry Quartet, Charlie Haden’s Quartet West, Nicholas Payton Quintet, Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band, Mark Murphy featuring New Stories, Mel Brown Sextet, Mimi Fox, Dan Balmer, John Stowell, Saxophobia, Jazz Workshop Bands, Arturo Sandoval – Hot House Big Band, Abbey Lincoln Quartet, Bobby Watson Project (James Williams, Ralph Peterson, Brian Lynch, Billy Pierce and Essiett Essiet), John Abercrombie, Dan Wall and Adam Nussbaum

1998 Jazz on the Water – August 28-30

Diana Krall, Arturo Sandoval, Lee Ritenour, Bobby Hutcherson (and Quartet), NY Voices, Mel Brown/Festival All-Stars, Patrick Lamb Band, Andrei Kitaev Trio, Garry Hobbs/Jerry Hahn, Brad Mehidau, Jeanie Bryson with the Darrell Grant Trio, Eric Marienthal, George Mitchell/Dan Faehnle B-3 Trio, Terence Blanchard Quintet, Russell Malone/ Ben Wolfe (appearing with Diana Krall)

1997 Jazz on the Water – August 22-24

Kevin Eubanks, James Williams Trio, Yellowjackets (headlining Saturday and Sunday), Ernie Watt Quartet, Tom Grant with Patrick Lamb, James Williams All-Star Quartet, Dave Friesen/Denny Zietlin, Alyssa Schwary, Bill Pierce, Linda Hornbuckle, Carlton Jackson/Save Mills Bank, John Stowell, Dan Balmer Group, Tall Jazz

1996 Jazz at the Inn - October 25-27

Bill Ramsay (as) (Music Director), Joe Beck (g), Essiet Okon Wssiet (b), Dan Faehnle (g), Sherman Ferguson (d), Milt Kleeb (bs), Rob McConnell (valve trombone), Mulgrew Miller (p), Ken Peplowski (ts/c), Eric Reed (p), Reuben Rogers (b), Ron Savage (d), Mark Simmons (d), Richard Simon (b), Byron Stripling (trum/vocals), Jay Thomas (tr/reeds), Donald Vega (p), Gerald Wiggins (p), Rickey Woodard (ts/flut)

1995 Salishan Jazz Party (Presumably the last party!) – March 24-26

Bill Ramsay (as), Brad Alliso (trum), George Bohannon (trom), Bill Charlap (p), Pete Christlieb (ts), Alan Dawson (perc), Greg Gisbert (trum), Paul Humphrey (perc), Bob Kindred (trum), Milt Kleeb (bs),     Duncan Lamont (ts), Jay Leonhart (b), Nancy Marano (v), Eddie Monteiro (a, v), John Pisano (g), Richard Reid (b), Ben Riley (perc), Andy Simpkins (b), Charles Thomas (p), Gerald Wiggins (p), James Williams (p)

1994 Skamania - Jazz Up The Gorge – October 14-16

Jan Anderson (b), Warren Bernhardt (p), Keter Betts (b), John Bunch (p), Bill Charlap (p), Jeff Clayton (s), John Clayton (b), Bill Cunliffe (p), Scott Hamilton (ts), Jeff Hirshfield (d), Willie Jones III (d), Dan Marcus (trom), Bucky Pizzarelli (g), Bernard Purdie (d), Bill Ramsay (s, mus dir), Marvin Stamm (tru, flug), Jay Thomas (tru, s)

1994 Salishan Jazz Party – March 24-26

Mike Abehe (p), Joe Beck (g), Herb Besson (b, trom), Cecil Bridgewater (trum), John Clayton (b), Jerry Didgion (as, flut), John Eckert (trum), Larry Fuller (p), John Goldsby (b), Jeff Hamilton (d), Mike Hanns (b), Howard Kimbo (ts), Dennis Mackrel (d), Earl May (b), Bill Mays (p), Grover Mitchell (trom), Jesse Murphy (b), Barney McClure (p, b3), Lewis Nash (d), Dick Oatts (s), Bill Ramsay (s), Mary Stallings (v), Jan Stentz (v), Byron Stripling (trum), Mark Taylor (flug), Frank Wess (s, flut)

1993 Salishan Jazz Party – March 25-28

Pete Barbutti (m.c., broom), Jay Anderson (b), Joe Beck (g), Ray Brown (b), John Campbell (p), Jeff Clayton (reeds), John Clayton (b), Bill Cunliffe (p), Alan Dawson (d), Beill Easley (reeds), Isla Eckinger (b), Kevin Eubanks (g), Robin Eubanks (trom), Ricky Ford (reeds), Greg Gisbert (trum, flug), Benny Green (p), Jeff Hamilton (d), Jake Hanna (d), Diana Krall (p, v), Joe La Barbera (d), Dave McKenna (p), George Robert (reeds), Gray Sargent (g)

1992 Salishan Jazz Party – March 27-29

Gerald Wiggins (p), Joe Beck (g) Bucky Pizzarelli (g), Jeff Clayton (reeds), Rickey Woodard (ts), Red Holloway (s), Andy Simpkins (b), Paul Humphrey (d), Christian McBride (b), Carl Allen (d), Benny Green (p), Bobby Watson (s), George Bohanon (trom), Claudio Roditi (horns), Eric Reed Sextet, Warren Vache (trum), Red Mitchell (bass), Bobby Watson (b), Clayton Brothers (John [b], Jeff [as]), Steve Kuhn (p), Eric Reed (p), Dennis Mackrel (d)

1991 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend – May 2-5

Bill Berry, Musical Director, Bill Cunliffe (p), Gene Harris (p), Bill Mays (p), Gerald Wiggins (p), James Williams (p), Jimmy McGriff (organ), Joe Beck (g), Richard Ring (g), John Clayton, (b), Ray Drummond (b), John Heard (b), Red Mitchell (b), Andy Simpkins (b), Ranee Lee (v), Bill Berry (horns), James Morrison (trum), Warren Vache (trum), Alan Dawson (d), Jeff Hamilton (d), Billy Higgins (d), Ed Thigpen (d), Alan Dawson (vibes), Jeff Clayton (reeds), Gary Foster (reeds), Scott Hamilton (ts), Ken Peplowski (reeds), Frank Wess (f)

1990 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend – May 3-6

Bill Berry, Musical Director, John Bunch (p), Hal Galper (p), Gene Harris (p), Roger Kellaway (p), Jimmy Rowles (p, v), Keter Betts (b), John Clayton (b), John Leitham (b), Red Mitchell (b), Donald Bailey (d), Dick Berk (d), Alan Dawson (d), Jeff Hamilton (d), Jake Hanna (d), Joe Beck (g), Gene Bertoncini (g), Nick Brignola (s), Jeff Clayton (reeds), Marc Fendel (s), Scott Hamilton (s), Pat Loomis (s), Don McCaslin    (p), Harry Edison (horns), Stacy Rowles (t, f), Warren Vache (trum), Carol Sloane (v)

1989 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - May 4-7

Bill Berry, Mus Dir (cornet), Joe Beck (g), Ed Bickert (g), Bruno Carr (d), Terry Clarke (d), Jeff Clayton (reeds), John Clayton (b), Jack Coon (flug), John Guerin (d), Jeff Hamilton (d), Gene Harris (p), Milt Hinton (b), Oliver Jones (p), Roger Kellaway (p), Jay Leonhart (b), Fraser MacPherson (reeds), Rob McConnell (trom), Satoru Oda (reeds), Ken Peplowski (s, c), Spike Robinson (ts), Jack Sheldon (trum, v), Jan Stentz (v), Rob Thomas (b, viol), Don Tompson (b, p, vibes), Ross Tompkins (p), Jeff Uusitalo (trom), Jiggs Whigham (trom)

1988 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - May 5-8

Bill Berry, Music Dir/Cornet, Joe Beck (g), Howard Alden (g), Dan Barrett (trom), Kenny Barron (p), Oscar Brashear (trum, flug), John Bunch (p), Henry Butler (p, v), Frank Capp (d), Pete Christlieb (s), Terry Clark (d), Jeff Clayton (s), John Clayton (b), Scott Hamilton (s), Gene Harris (p), John Heard (b), Gus Johnson (d), Jay Leonhart (b, v), Don Rader (trum, flug), Rufus Reid (b), Ben Riley (d), Bud Shank (s), Warren Vache (cornet, flug), Bill Watrous (trom), Mike Wofford (p)

1987 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - May 1-3

Bill Berry, Music Dir (cornet), Howard Alden (g), John Bunch (p), Jeff Clayton (s, o), John Clayton (b), Bob Efford (s, o), Tommy Flanagan (p), Al Grey (trom), Gene Harris (p), Jeff Hamilton (d), John Heard (b), Billy Higgins (d), Major Holley (b), Gus Johnson (d), Don McCaslin (s), Jay McShann (p, v), George Mraz (b), Makoto Ozone (p), Marty Richards (d), Stacy Rowles (t, f), Carol Sloane (v), Ira Sullivan (flug, s, flut), Buddy Tate (s, c), Eddie Wied (p)

1986 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - May 2-4

Chuck Niles (Music Host), Bill Berry, Musical Director (cornet), Oscar Brashear (trum, flug), Rob McConnell (trom), Cal Collins (g), Gary Foster (as, flut), Al Cohn (ts), Harold Land (ts), Nick Brignola (bs, ss), Carol Sloane (v), Alan Broadbent (p), Monty Alexander (p), Dave Frishberg (p), Cedar Walton (p), Michael Moore (b), Leroy Vinnegar (b), John Heard (b), John Clayton (b), Joey Baron (d), Mel Brown (d), Billy Higgins (d), Jeff Hamilton (d)

1984 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend -  May 4-6

Monte Budwig (b), Pete Barbutti (broom), Tete Montoliu (p), Benny Carter (as), Lanny Morgan (as), John Heard (b), Shelly Manne (d), Frank Collett (p), John Collins (g), Peter Christlieb (ts), Harry "Sweets" Edison (trum), Nick Ceroli (d), Bill Berry (cornet), Rob McConnell (valve trom), Joe Williams (v), Sherman Ferguson (d), Jim Hughart (b), Mike Melvoin (p, organ)

1983 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - April 22- 24

Shelly Manne (d), Sherman Ferguson (d), Nick Ceroli (d), Monty Budwig (b), John Heard (b), Jim Hughart (d), Cal Collins (g), Mike Melvoin (organ), Lou Levy (p), Mike Wofford (p), Tom Ranier (p), Mike Melvoin (p), Tom Garvin (p), Plas Johnson (reeds), Pete Christlieb (reeds), Pete Canoli (reeds), Conte Candoli (brass), Bill Berry (brass), Melba Joyce (v), Ruth Price (v), Tom Wakeling (b), Dan Balmer (g), Brad Brown (d)

1982 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - April  23-25

Frankie Capp (d), Nat Pierce (p), Bob Maize (b), Ray Pohlman (g), Bob Cooper (ts) , Red Holloway (ts), Med Flory (as), Lanny Morgan (as), Bill Green (bs), Buster Cooper (trom), Alan Kaplan (trom), George Bohannon (trom), Buddy Childers (trum), Bill Berry (trum), Pete Candoli (trum), Don Rader (trum), Ernie Andrews (v), Gene Harris (p), Lou Levy (p), John Heard (b), Jimmie Smith (d), Ron Eschete (g), Ruth Price (v), Tom Wakeling (b), Dan Balmer (g), Jeff Crumpston (d)

1981 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend – April 24-26

Gene Harris (p), Lou Levy (p), Patti McCoy (p), Monty Budwig (b), John Heard (b), Nick Ceroli (d), Jimmie Smith (d), Mundell Lowe (g) Joey Baron (perc), Chris Patterson (vibes), Teddy Edwards (s), Nick Brignola (s), Bill Berry (cornet), Carl Saunders (trum, flug), Carol Fontana (trom), Bill Henderson (v)

1980 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - March 21-23 An Evening of "Ellingtonia" 

Bill Berry and the L.A. Big Band, Dave Frishberg (p), Marshal Royal (s), Cal Collins (g), Richie Cole (as), Nick Brignola (s), Barney McClure (p), Joe Williams (v), Pete Christlieb (ts), Bob Magnusson (b), Ron Steen (d), Bruce Forman (g), Frank Capp (d), Dennis Goodhew (as), Chuck Deardorff (b), Mike McKinley (d), Michael Spiro (perc)

1979 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - March 16-18

Cal Collins (g), Monte Budwig (p), Mel Brown (d), Arnett Cobb (s), Larry Vuckovich (p), Larry Gales (b), Carl Burnett (d), Bill Berry (cornet), Richie Cole (s), Art Hillary (p), Bill Watrous (trb)

1978 Otter Crest Jazz Weekend - March 17-19

Bill Anderson (v), Joey Baron (d), Mel Brown (d), Monty Budwig (p), Gene Diamond (v), Carl Fontana (trb), Gene Harris (p), Cathy Hayes (v),John Heard (b), Plas Johnson (s), Dave Mackay (p), Blue Mitchell (tr), Shirley Nanette (v), Art Pepper (s, c), Andy Simpkins (b), Jimmie Smith (d), Anne Young (v), Howard Young