The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) website features numerous exhibitions for fine art in a variety of media (watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, tempera, mixed media, printmaking, and digital, among others), as well as sculpture, glass, ceramics and pottery, wood, collage, textile arts, and multi-media. Some are public installations in arts centers and museums, others in galleries or private homes, but all in keeping with OCCA's service to the vibrant arts communities along the 363 miles of Oregon coastline. Calls for proposals are posted as events and can be found in the event calendar. Contact information for calls for entry or proposals can be found by viewing the individual events.

OCCA Exhibitions

The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts manages the Newport Visual Arts Center (or VAC, pictured), which is home to three galleries with over 30 exhibitions each year, including an annual county-wide student art show and the long-standing annual Pushpin Community Art Show and Sale in December. Occasionally, exhibitions are also on view at the Newport Performing Arts Center. View the event calendar or contact the Newport Visual Arts Center for current exhibitions.

Upcoming Events in Exhibition

  • Jaf Works: Creations by Jimmy Frankfort

    December 1st, 2018 to January 26th, 2019

    The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts is pleased to present “Jaf Works: Creations by James Frankfort” from December 1 to January 27 in the Upstairs Gallery at the Newport Visual Arts Center. “Jaf Works” is a look back at James Frankfort, an artist in the central Oregon coast region from the early 1980s through the late 1990s. The exhibition will focus on Frankfort’s drawings, prints, cartoons and other works on paper, along with representations of the artist’s paintings and mixed-media work. An opening reception for “Jaf Works” will be held on Saturday, December 1, 5-7pm, with relatives and friends discussing his work at 6:15pm.

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  • Out of the Box: Contemporary Design in Feltmaking by Kathy Elfers

    December 1st, 2018 to January 26th, 2019

    The Oregon Coast Council for Arts welcomes Florence artist Kathy Elfers and her exhibition, “Out of the Box: Contemporary Design in Felt Making,” to the Coast Oregon Visual Artist Showcase (COVAS), from December 1 to January 26 at the Newport Visual Arts Center. Elfers works in the styles of wet felting, needle felting and Nuno felting, and she will present wall hangings, wall sculpture and 3D objects, some incorporating mixed media. An opening reception for “Out of the Box: Contemporary Design in Felt Making” will be held on Saturday, December 1, 5-7pm, with the artist talking about her work at 6:15pm.

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  • 2018 PushPin Show

    December 1st, 2018 to December 30th, 2018

    The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts marks the 28th anniversary of The PushPin Show December 1-30 in the Runyan Gallery at the Newport Visual Arts Center (VAC).. A holiday opening reception will take place at the VAC on Saturday, December 1, 5-7pm.

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  • “Form, Function and Film” group show by Kirk Jonasson, Kelly Howard and Rick Martin

    December 14th, 2018 to January 7th, 2019

    These three artists, Kelly Howard, Kirk Jonasson and Rick Martin, each working separately within their chosen medium (hand blown glass, photography printed from film and bent wood sculpture), have cooperatively created an exquisite exhibit with a common thread of black and white aesthetic. Opening reception: Friday, Dec. 14 from 5 – 7pm

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  • “Imaging Time” By Ralph Elliott

    January 11st, 2019 to February 4th, 2019

    A collection of photos comprised primarily of water and immersed object images creating ephemeral landscapes that emphasize action, event, process and time over object studies. Opening reception: Friday, Jan. 11 from 5 – 7pm

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  • Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies

    February 17th, 2019 to February 17th, 2019

    Take a fresh look at Van Gogh through the legacy of the greatest private collector of the Dutch artist's work: Helene Kröller-Müller (1869-1939), one of the first to recognize the genius of Van Gogh.

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  • Caravaggio: The Soul and the Blood

    March 17th, 2019 to March 17th, 2019

    Take an immersive journey through the life, works and struggles of the Italian master Michelangelo Merisi di Caravaggio. Roberto Longhi, a Caravaggio expert, explores in the artist's masterpieces the echo of personal experiences and the expression of the human state, both physical and emotional.

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  • Klimt & Schiele: Eros and Psyche

    April 28th, 2019 to April 28th, 2019

    Klimt & Schiele: Eros and Psyche, recounts the start of the Vienna Secession, a magical art movement formed in the late 1890's for art, literature and music, in which new ideas are circulated, Freud discovers the drives of the psyche, and women begin to claim their independence. 

At the heart of Secession were artists Gustav Klimt and his protégé and dear friend Egon Schiele.

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  • Water Lilies of Monet

    June 16th, 2019 to June 16th, 2019

    Voyage through the masterpieces and obsessions of the genius and founder of Impressionism, Claude Monet, in "Water Lilies of Monet: The Magic of Water and Light" at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 16. An art-world disruptor at the turn of the 20th century whose obsession with capturing light and water broke all convention, Monet revolutionized Modern Art with his timeless masterpieces.

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