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Newport, Oregon

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Clayton Bryant Young, an artist living in Newport, Oregon and a Certified Picture Framer, sells hand-crafted artist materials along the Oregon Coast: canvasses, wood gallery frames, stretchers, studio size easels, as well as a new drum-tight polyester canvas resistant to temperature, humidity and U.V. light not sold anywhere else.


Everything he builds is affordable, heavy-duty and costs less than the products you will find in stores. Everything is squared up, reinforced against warping, and re-usable. Canvasses are stretched tight, using heavy Midwest Cotton Duck, and built to a maximum size of 5 X 7 ft.


He has also developed an original product that no one else makes: “Pro-Stretch,” a polyester heat-shrunk canvas which is gallery-wrapped. It provides a durable, smooth, drum-tight surface with flat, crisp corners.


Pro-Stretch canvasses are not affected by temperature, humidity or ultra-violet light. Clay has been painting on it for over 15 years, and has found it to be the ultimate painting surface. Pristine and like painting on silk, it’s also great for unique project needs, such as shaped/3-D canvasses.