Astoria Armory


Astoria Armory

PO Box 777

Astoria Oregon, 97103

Contact Info:

(503) 791-6064


Place Description:

The Astoria National Guard Armory was built in 1941-42 by local contractor, John Helstrom. The city government deeded the land and old city hall which was being used as a hospitality room for troops to the state government. The roof structure was developed in Holland.

Throughout its early years, The Astoria Armory was used mainly as a recreation center for troops, administered by the USO during WW2. For the decades to follow, the Astoria Armory became a venue for numerous local sporting events, famous concerts, political rallies, and even served as a community roller rink.

In 1981 a group of area developers bought the Astoria Armory at auction from the military, with the intention of creating a community convention center. That idea never got off the ground and for the last thirty years, the Astoria Armory has been sitting idle.

Today a group of Astorians are exploring the idea of turning the old Astoria Armory into a community center that will play host to a variety of sporting events (basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and badminton), conferences, seminars, shows, concerts, and other community-oriented activities.

The need for such a location is critical, and with such a rich history already ingrained in several generations, The Astoria Armory is the perfect place to not only host such events, but to also continue its heritage with Astoria.