Yachats Youth and Family Activities Program

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441 Hwy 101 N (Yachats Commons basement)

Yachats, OR 97498

(541) 547-4599


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Yachats Youth & Family Activities Program (YYFAP) is a fun, supportive, nurturing, inspiring, active, inter-generational, community-minded program. Come join the fun!


The purpose of the Yachats Youth & Family Activities Program is to provide a safe and supportive environment for children, to be an advocate for youth and families, and to provide and encourage activities that integrate youth into the community.

Company Overview

YYFAP has been providing recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities to local and visiting children, youth, and families since 1995. We are a tax-exempt non-profit organization.
Educational support is built into all YYFAP activities. We provide help with homework after school; offer a variety of hands-on educational activities during  Recreation PLUSand special classes are also available throughout the year for a low cost.
YYFAP kids on hike
YYFAP mural