Oregon Coast Ballet Company / Newport School of Dance

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Newport School of Dance

246 N.E. 1st Street

Newport, OR  97365


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Tickets to Oregon Coast Ballet Company performances are available through the Newport Performing Arts Center box office, 541-265-ARTS (2787).

Presenter Description:

Oregon Coast Ballet Company under Artistic Director Sian Zander has inspired and nurtured creativity and excellence in aspiring dancers through disciplined training and public performances since 1988.

Using the Newport Performing Arts Center as a learning lab for students and audiences alike, Zander creates original works grounded in classical tradition such as the 2010 rock ballet "Giselle At Twilight" and the annual and ever-changing "Little Nutcracker."

Company dancers tour to participate in charitable productions such as Eugene's "Dance for a Reason" and offer workshops and performances in public and private schools in Oregon.

Learning by doing is Zander's creed, built on over 50 years of dancing and teaching experience. "The body never lies" is proven true with every breath, according to Zander who has dedicated her work to bringing the best of the past to the dancers of today.

Zander also gives private instruction in classical ballet and contemporary dance for students of all ages through the Newport School of Dance, located at 246 NE 1st Street in Newport.

For information, call 541-265-8004 or email Sian Zander at the email listed here.

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