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It all started with a vision of making things better. Concerned about the steady erosion of art in the schools, a school administrator and a local gallery owner began a dialogue in 2000 that lead to the formation of a new and unique partnership for arts and education. With the help of committed parents, teachers and artists, as well as civic and business leaders, Let There Be Arts (LTBA) was born. Determined not to let the arts disappear, this grassroots group raised funds through donations, grants, concerts and a series of successful galas held at the Freed Gallery. Buoyed by their success, they began to develop and deliver a variety of arts education programs and experiences for coastal children. From providing art supplies and purchasing updated art curriculum for teachers, to group and individual instruction, LTBA worked to give students the opportunity to discover, explore, create and excel. Local, regional and national artists, teachers and professionals, eager to be a part of this exciting new organization, taught workshops, gave performances and concerts and otherwise shared their expertise with children of all ages. By igniting their creativity and curiosity through the arts, the whole of the academic curriculum became richer.

Thirteen years later, LTBA is more vital than ever and continues to foster and promote all aspects of art in the classroom and beyond. We have a growing reputation for providing excellent, quality programs by certified teachers and professional artists who have touched the lives of thousands of students.Let There Be Arts has truly expanded and enriched the cultural climate of the whole community.