Freed Gallery

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Open 10am to 5pm Daily - Closed Tuesdays

6119 SW Highway 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367


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Freed Gallery in Lincoln City has been built as a showcase for art. The soaring 18' ceiling, the tall corner windows and the graceful curved staircase envelop the space in a quiet, elegant manner. It invites and challenges the artist to bring the best canvas, extraordinary sculpture, unusual metal work, exciting shaped clay, glistening ceramics, wood turned as if created from stone, glass of breathtaking hues and design, functional furniture as art, and unique jewelry.

Situated across from the Siletz Bay (a National Wildlife Preserve), this gallery on the incredible Oregon coast is designed for the artists, the local residents and the great numbers of tourists visiting the coast as their second home or for a wonderful, scenic vacation.

Freed Gallery features Northwest as well as national and international artists. In addition, FREED is dedicated to furthering art education in the community.

Let There Be Arts

Let There Be Arts, a program founded by the Freed, brings experience and education in art, music, drama and movement to the students of Lincoln County. Let There Be Arts is a grassroots organization in Lincoln County, Oregon, dedicated to promoting arts education in the schools and community. It began in the year 2000, when local business, civic and community leaders joined concerned parents, teachers and school administrators to address the drastic cuts made to arts, music and drama programs in their schools. A successful fundraiser was launched and Let There Be Arts was born. We believe that all disciplines benefit from the critical and creative thinking that the arts provide. Let There Be Arts serves to expand and enrich the lives of students in the classroom and beyond.

Freed Gallery lawn ornaments
Freed Gallery lawn ornament detail
Freed Gallery interior