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Florence Regional Arts Alliance, 120 Maple Street, Florence, OR 97439

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Learning to see and paint what you see quickly and confidently!

My class is dedicated to the art of Impressionist oil painting.

Every Wednesday, 1:30 - 4:30 pm at Florence Regional Arts Alliance, 120 Maple Street, Florence, OR 97439

Impressionism is the art of seeing the subject or scene as a whole, and not concentrating on individual parts, but instead learning to record more the pure feeling and emotional content of  particular subject in order to transfer that emotional content to the viewer with the least amount of detail, but the maximum amount of mood, character and spirit, and in a flowing painterly manner, creating a visual symphony.  I call the process “HOLISTIC”, and the results are more real as a result, because we develop skills of seeing what really makes something appear real and discard the rest. .

This helps students to see and paint form and mass directly and quickly, thus learning to trust their instincts and impressions and bypass the drawing and measuring stage to arrive at a finished work more efficiently, easily, and effectively. This method best instills the confidence necessary to use the tools at hand regardless of the subject. Subjects include a full range of subject matter; portrait, seascape,  landscape, and still life, Each workshop will be devoted to one single subject from among these which will usually be the focus for the entire session..

Come join us! Michael

The instructor is local artist F.Michael Wood, OPA


Michael is a “Signature” Member of Oil Painters of America.

His work is regularly juried into the prestigious Salon International” Exhibition hosted annually by Greenhouse Fine Art in San Antonio, TX., as well as other national exhibitions, including the Oil Painters of America annual Salon.

He is represented by Christopher Queen Galleries in California’s Sonoma Wine Country, along the beautiful Russian River.

He is also represented, by The Garden Gallery, in Half Moon Bay, Ca., south of San Francisco.