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Albert Kaufman

2250 SE 44th Ave

Portland, Oregon

(503) 358-0029

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Albert Kaufman is an email marketing consultant. He teaches small businesses how to get the most out of their time and effort using the tools of the trade such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email marketing.

Via small classes and one-on-one tutoring he has worked with healthcare professionals, restauranteurs, photographers and many other types of businesses. With 20+ years in high-tech as a software quality assurance engineer he is  also very good at sharing tips about how to make online life and computer use easier for all experience levels. 

Since moving to Portland, he has continued work in the community:

  • Coordinated the publicity for many events such as City Repair’s Village Building Convergence 2013.
  • Started Farm My Yard
  • Started and lead a community garden called The Birthday Garden
  • Served as neighborhood association president for the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood
  • organized many tree plantings with Friends of Trees.  
  • Write as a blogger for Blueoregon, an Oregon-wide left-wing blog
  • participant on issues such as the Colwood re-zoning issue, Lone Fir cemetery addition and on recycling and local food issues
  • I am also a frequent contributor to local and regional newspapers and blogs