Jeff Trionfante

Medium:  Ceramics ,  Metal ,  Textile ,  Wood

Artist's Address:

885 Southwest Blvd.

Coos Bay, OR 97420

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Artist's Phone:

541 267-0559



Art and creating, especially in three dimensions (sometimes four) has been a lifetime passion for me. I was intrigued as a child by the drawings of Rube Goldberg and often rigged up my bedroom (much to my mother's frustration) with elaborate schemes to turn off the light switch from my bed at night and rigging up burglar alarm systems in my bedroom. Later on as a student at San Jose State College, I was exposed to the San Francisco Funk Art movement of the late 1960's and early 1970's thanks to one of my college professors, David Zack. Always in the background, was my admiration of and obsession with Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch who's works I became aware of when I was 13 and have guided me ever since.



As I got older I decided to hone my technical skills in order to create the works I had in mind. Taking several theatre costuming classes at the University of Oregon in Eugene aided my use of cloth and pattern construction in a number of my pieces using textiles. I took a number of welding classes at a community college in Salem, Oregon. Building and repairing our various homes helped my understanding of electric wiring and plumbing techniques, which I use in many of my projects. A stint as a clockmaker in my early twenties developed my appreciation for precision and the relationship between working parts.



Most of my art has its inspiration from my varied and, sometimes, accidental life experiences. Working at a cannery in Salem, Oregon inspired a number of kinetic sculptures involving tracks and steel balls. My self-directed studies of insects as a child and adult led to a series of insect sculptures, one of which has hung in the life science room of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon. An occasionally political event will inspire a piece as well.