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Astoria, OR 97103


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Based in Astoria Oregon, Acustica is a unique musical group on the Pacific Northwest Coast offering a magnetic intercultural musical experience. Acustica, conceived by multi-lingual vocalist Dolores Villareal in December of 2010, was formed to provide an unparalleled blend of musical culture. Ms. Villareal is currently accompanied by Dave Ambrose on bass, Brigido Eduardo on percussion, and John Orr on guitar. Together, Acustica brings years of experience and an incomparable repertoire to the Oregon Coast.

Their repertoire is a vintage global sound featuring sambas, mornas, boleros, cha-chas, French classics, bossa novas, flamenco, rumbas, jazz, and tangos, spanning the generations from the 1900s to the 1960s. Sung in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Cape Verde Creole, Finnish, and English, each arrangement is carefully crafted for its melodic value and appeal.

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