OCCA strengthens the arts by ensuring that the Oregon coast has a rich and vibrant arts community through support and promotion of arts organizations and individual artists.

This directory represents the coastal areas of Oregon, which include Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Coos, and Curry counties and the coastal towns of Lane and Douglas counties.  OCCA is the regional arts council for this area. Learn more about OCCA's regional arts activities.

Directory Listings that are Artists with a location of Bandon
  • Angela Haseltine Pozzi

    Angela Haseltine Pozzi enlists the help of hundreds of local volunteers to clean up the beaches, and use all the debris to construct massive sculptures of the sea animals most affected by Ocean pollution. These sculptures now tour the USA as the “Washed Ashore Project”.

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  • Bandonjan

    Jan is a landscape photographer.

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  • Johnny Butler

    Johnny Butler is an artist/oil painter local to the Southern Oregon Coast in Bandon

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  • Leo Chiantelli

    Started painting in oils, switched to acrylics and finally about 25 years ago fell in love with watercolors.

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  • Patricia J Cink

    Living on the Oregon coast, Patricia Cink finds herself challenged to capture the colors of the varying coastal light as it reflects off the ocean, sand and rocks or filters through the lush forests. She uses watercolor on Yupo paper and soft pastels to immerse herself in the color of the landscape, letting the composition follow. Both media allow for continual modifications as the painting develops.

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  • Peter Bauer / Candace Kreitlow

    Pete and Candace met in 1991 and almost immediately discovered their shared interest in wood art. Candace enjoyed annual summer treks to the southern Oregon coast to visit friends and hunt for driftwood. Their subject matter is often abstract birds, fish as well as more realistic representations of seals and dolphins. Candace is instrumental to the design of each piece and enjoys the detail work of the eyes and head. Pete enjoys the rough out process and much of the sanding and finishing. In addition, he creates carved cutting and serving boards and burl bowls.

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  • Victoria Tierney

    Victoria Tierney is an arts curator and painter who lives in the Coos County town of Bandon.

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