OCCA strengthens the arts by ensuring that the Oregon coast has a rich and vibrant arts community through support and promotion of arts organizations and individual artists.

This directory represents the coastal areas of Oregon, which include Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Coos, and Curry counties and the coastal towns of Lane and Douglas counties.  OCCA is the regional arts council for this area. Learn more about OCCA's regional arts activities.

Directory Listings that are Artists with a medium type of Paint
  • Kimberly Wurster

    Kimberly Wurster is a native Montanan currently living near the Oregon coast, whose work features the beauty of the natural world. You may view several of her paintings in "A Little Chaos: An Eclectic Collection" in the Oregon Bay Properties Community Gallery, 1992 Sherman Ave., North Bend, OR, from 2/10/2017 - 7/31/2017.

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  • Leo Chiantelli

    Started painting in oils, switched to acrylics and finally about 25 years ago fell in love with watercolors.

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  • Lucy Hammer

    Lucy works mostly in Oils, sometimes acrylics. Loves painting landscapes, seascapes and most of all, She loves trying to capture the beautiful colors of the sunsets on the Pacific coastline.

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  • Maeona L. Urban

    I am an artist yet I feel flattered to be considered an artist. I have not gone through the usual training methods to attain the title. My grandmother inspired my love of art and nature. I do plein air, realistic studio, and Northwest Coast Native American style artwork. I paint to comfort myself, to feel I have accomplished something worth sharing, to link with others and to see them connect to each other through the artwork. So by years of random trial and error, to satisfy either my own emotions or simply to please others, I paint.

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  • Mary Madewell

    Mary is a self-taught artist. She's a gallery-represented fine artist, an illustrator, a character designer and a sometimes sculptor of tiny things.

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  • Michael Gibbons

    Michael creates a painting from initial inspiration and plein air reference then finishes in his studio.

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  • Michael Schlicting

    Michael Schlicting's paintings in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media have found homes in over 2500 private, public and corporate collections around the globe.

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  • Nora Sherwood

    Nora is a science illustrator and wildlife artist living in Lincoln City. She holds a certification in Natural Science Illustration from the University of Washington and is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators' Oregon chapter. She accepts commissions and shows her works in galleries on the coast and valley.

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  • Patricia J Cink

    Living on the Oregon coast, Patricia Cink finds herself challenged to capture the colors of the varying coastal light as it reflects off the ocean, sand and rocks or filters through the lush forests. She uses watercolor on Yupo paper and soft pastels to immerse herself in the color of the landscape, letting the composition follow. Both media allow for continual modifications as the painting develops.

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  • Paul Kingsbury

    Newly on the Oregon coast, Mr. Kingsbury's art and teaching have been receiving raves.

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