OCCA strengthens the arts by ensuring that the Oregon coast has a rich and vibrant arts community through support and promotion of arts organizations and individual artists.

This directory represents the coastal areas of Oregon, which include Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Coos, and Curry counties and the coastal towns of Lane and Douglas counties.  OCCA is the regional arts council for this area. Learn more about OCCA's regional arts activities.

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  • Catherine Rickbone

    Catherie has written and printed hundreds of nonfiction articles in local, regional, national and international publications for the Country Club Plaza Merchants Association, Emporia Arts Council, Grants Pass Museum of Art, and Oregon Coast Council for the Arts. She is currently the Executive Director of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts.

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  • Charlene Wilson

    Charlene Wilson is a watercolor artist enjoying her life on the Oregon Coast which enhances her artwork on a daily basis.

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  • Dale Karstetter

    An artist that specialized in bird carvings. He has received several awards from the South coast Woodcarver’s Show, Coastal Carver’s Annual Show, Coos Art Museum and Northwest Carvers Show.

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  • Dana Hulburt

    Dana Hulburt is a mixed media artist who creates feeling in her work by using vibrant color, shape and patterns.

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  • Darren Orange

    Darren Orange is an artist of the American West. The wild sea and earth are branded deeply into the flesh of Orange’s soul and canvases. His work is riveted in place, but unmoored in time.

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  • Dave Baldwin

    Dave Baldwin is a Yachats artist producing figurative abstractions in mixed media. His work has been exhibited in numerous venues throughout the U.S., and he has taught and lectured at colleges in New York and California. Also, Baldwin has served as a juror for national art competitions.

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  • David Ambrose

    Dave Ambrose has lived and worked in Astoria for the past 20 years. His fascination with the human condition has inspired most of his works. He works mostly from black and white photos for their intense use of lighting. He selects his colors to match the moods of the people involved in the paintings. His main inspiration comes from the Impressionist painters.

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  • David B. Anthony

    Contemporary Metal Sculptor and Gallery Owner

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  • David Galchutt

    A native southern Californian, David Galchutt has been working as an illustrator for 30+ years. Though he had done some advertising illustration in his early years, the primary focus of his illustrating career has been in the children's industry, working for both toy companies and publishing.

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  • Dennis Moler

    I've been taking pictures for over 40 years, starting with film (most formats) and darkroom work to develop and print images. For the last 10 years I've been working with digital cameras, but I still regard taking a picture as only the beginning of a process. I'm interested in landscapes, both urban and rural, that imply a human presence without necessarily showing one. I think we impinge on our surroundings and our surroundings return the favor. I sometimes use infrared film or, lately, digital cameras that have been modified to record the infrared spectrum as a way of pointing beyond what our eyes can literally see. I'II try to keep a beginner's mind.

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