OCCA strengthens the arts by ensuring that the Oregon coast has a rich and vibrant arts community through support and promotion of arts organizations and individual artists.

This directory represents the coastal areas of Oregon, which include Clatsop, Tillamook, Lincoln, Coos, and Curry counties and the coastal towns of Lane and Douglas counties.  OCCA is the regional arts council for this area. Learn more about OCCA's regional arts activities.

All Directory Listings with a medium type of Paint
  • Becky Miller

    Becky Miller is an oil painter whose focus is Oregon coastal tidepool subject matter, primarily kelp.

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  • Beebe D. Slater

    The word Artist has always been magical to Beebe! She started drawing in the second grade, pictures of an iris that always looked the same with a blue flower and green stem, the beginning of a dream that got lost along the way with school, babies and a career. But the dream survived and when her babies were grown she started taking lessons. Today Beebe is a magical Artist.

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  • Bob Pagani

    Bob Pagani thinks up interesting things of an art-like nature. He makes them. Then you get to see them.

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  • Brian Cameron

    A native Oregonian, Brian Cameron was born in Seaside in 1952. He has lived his entire life on the north Oregon coast as did two generations before him. This long exposure to the peculiarities of the area has resulted in a bond with the culture and traditions of the North West. Rugged individualism, hard work and a sense of oneness with, and appreciation of nature are all aspects of this culture. These are qualities well suited to an artist.

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  • Cairehn L. McGowan

    Cairehn never does things the easy way - rather the interesting way. Working in mixed medias to create altered books, watercolors, collages and other works of curious art. Each piece demands a closer look.

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  • Carol Summers

    Carol Summers is a watercolor artist based in Yachats, Oregon.

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  • Carolyn Le Grand

    Ms. Le Grand has taken the path of an Expressionist artist. With color and symbolism she gives the viewer portraits of feelings on canvas.

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  • Charles Schweigert

    Mixed-media painting on canvas, paper, and wood panel

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  • Clayton Bryant Young

    Clay is an oil painter who uses texture, shapes, contrasted colors, plexiglass panels and multiple canvasses to portray the elements and dynamic forces of nature. He is best known for designing two large-scale mosaics, located in the entrances of astronomy centers.

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  • Clifford J. Klinkhammer

    Synopsis: Clifford’s original abstract paintings are on canvas, glass, paper, board, metal & styrofoam. There are no prints or copies. Only original work is the promise that Clifford gives to his clients & potential collectors of his art. Clifford utilizes colors in a fusion of heavy textured paints.

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