Phase 7: Studio Theatre & Parking Lot Expansion

Phase 7 of the ‘Entertain the Future!’ Capital Campaign will expand the PAC’s existing Studio Theatre and the PAC parking lot.

The Studio Theatre was originally designed to serve as a rehearsal space.  For a number of Resident Artist Teams, the intimate setting of the Studio Theatre is more appropriate for their performance needs than the larger Silverman Theatre.  

Phase 7 will expand the Studio Theatre’s audience capacity from 80 to 150 which will optimize its use as an intimate venue. Flexible and safe audience seating will allow for creative usage of the space.  The lighting and sound systems will be updated by repurposing and modernizing the equipment from the Alice Silverman.  By increasing the variety of shows available, the typical spectator may double or triple their own personal attendance rate per year.   The reconfiguration will include a separate entry into the Studio Theatre.

Phase 7 will also expand the support space, creating more rehearsal space and reconfiguring the Green Room, dressing rooms, kitchen and performer’s restrooms for daily use and meeting needs. This will allow the Studio and Silverman Theatres to operate simultaneously.

The parking lot for the PAC will need to be reconfigured to allow for expansion of the Studio Theatre into the existing driveway. The reconfigured lot will have greater accessibility and additional parking.

The estimated completion date for this Phase is 2017.

Studio Theatre Equipment Upgrades: To complete the transformation of the Studio Theatre to a fully operational performance space will require the acquisition and installation of key equipment. Since this space was not originally conceptualized as a performance space, it was not equipped with the requisite equipment needed to optimize the audience experience. These equipment upgrades include:

Seating: This includes acquiring a variety of portable platforms that meet safety and accessibility requirements but allow for a flexible use of the space. In addition, padded chairs and storage carts will be acquired.

Studio Theatre Lighting: This includes the purchase and installation of a standard lighting system for the Studio Theatre.

Studio Theatre Sound System: This includes the purchase and installation of a sound system (speakers, amplifiers, sound board, and an electronic piano) appropriate for the intimate setting of the Studio Theater.  

Performance Staging: This includes the purchase of portable stage components designed to optimize flexibility for use of the space.