Phase 7: Studio Theatre Expansion

Phase 7 of the Newport Performing Arts Center “Entertain the Future!” Capital Campaign features improvements to the PAC itself and the Studio Theatre.

  • New sound and lighting systems in the Studio Theatre replace outdated,
    cost-inefficient equipment, and provide for a greater range of event types.
  • A new airflow system in the Studio Theatre will allow for better temperature control and energy efficiency.
  • Acoustic improvements will prevent existing “sound bleed” between the Alice Silverman and Studio Theatres.
  • Additional green room and dressing rooms for the Studio Theatre will enable simultaneous performances.
  • A piano rehearsal room addition on the west side will increase public access, and free up valuable stage space.
  • New seating in the Studio Theatre offers more flexibility for productions and comfort for patrons.

Since the PAC is a two-theatre art center, it makes sense that both theaters are used, increasing artistic usage as well as audiences, thereby generating a more robust income for the PAC.
– Marc Maislen, New Visions Arts

The estimated completion date for this Phase is 2019.