Phase 3: Signage

Phase 3 of the ‘Entertain the Future!’ Capital Campaign will upgrade and add new signage and exterior building lighting to help promote events and activities being staged at the PAC.

Electronic signage boards will replace the labor-intensive, static and inadequate signage boards on the corner of Coast and Olive Streets.

Utilizing graphics and text from each presenting company and programmable from the PAC, upcoming and future events will cycle through the panels allowing for better promotion of the variety and number of performances in any given month.

The main display window facing the entrance of the PAC will be upgraded with a video display, which can be programmed to present a calendar and listing of the upcoming productions.  ‘Box Office Open’ signs have already been installed and new marquee lighting on the building will indicate that the building is open and a show is on.

The OCCA and Capital Campaign Committee thank the Oregon Cultural Trust, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and Toyota Northwest/Toby Murry Motors for their generous grants in support of Phase 3.  

OCCA still needs $10,720 to meet the funding goal for the signage phase.