Phase 1: P/A System

Phase 1: Alice Silverman Theatre Sound & P/A System Improvements

With the efforts of the capital campaign committee, fundraisers by Performing Arts Center Resident Artist Teams (PAC RATs), donations from arts supporters, and OCCA board, staff, and volunteers, Phase 1 was completed in 2012.

Phase 1 included sound system enhancements for the P/A system, amplifiers, sound board and microphones, which replaced decades-old equipment in the Alice Silverman Theatre. With generous donations from Chris Graamans and Stacy Smith of Yachats and JoAnn and Bill Barton of Newport a new sound system has been installed and has been refined over the spring and summer 2013. 

OCCA hosted a public First Milestone Celebration on February 2, 2013 to inaugurate the new sound system. The celebration included performances, donor recognition, and information about the expansion and enhancement future projects with a reception in the lobby, hosted by Annie Butterfield, Jan Eastman, Mary Eastman, Helen Layton, Beth Mathewson, Cindy McConnell, Kay Moxness, Wyma Rogers, Sal Smith, Joyce Staffenson, Sandee Staufenbeil, and Gina Tapp.  

Over 175 people were mesmerized from the first deep rumbling notes of the “2001: A Space Odyssey” theme song to the final vocal affirmations from “Les Misérables.”

Local performers who gave of their time and talents to demonstrate the new sound equipment included Sarah Barker Ball, Khlo Brateng, Kyle Bertness, Stuart Clausen, Sara Coxen, Milo Graamans, Brian Haggerty, Ginger Hodge, Stephanie Lillie, Ramona Martin, Past Forward Jazz Group, Mary Lee Scoville, Vickie Steen, Stephan, Jessie Treon, Megan Walters, Women of Note, and Akia Woods. Thank you.

Brian Timme of Ultrasonic Events, Newport and George Relles of Relles Sound from Eugene have worked with the OCCA, a local volunteer group and the City of Newport to plan and install the new system. The equipment includes sound mixers, speakers, microphones, stage monitors and control equipment that will support performances when sound amplification is needed. The system also enhances the audience experience during programs shown on the screen or presented on stage with recorded sound tracks.

PAC Upgrades Assistive Listening System

Continuing with the many improvements to the Newport Performing Arts Center (PAC), the latest upgrade is a new assistive listening system. The previous system was outdated, inefficient and no longer ADA-compliant. Parts for the old system are no longer made, and are unserviceable. 

The new assistive listening system comes from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of assistive listening products, Listen Technologies. Sunny Elliot assisted Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) staff with finding exactly the right fit for the PAC. Anthony March from Pro Sound and Video in Eugene provided a demo system. Willing volunteers helped to try this system out, and the reaction was very positive. 

“The system’s 14 wireless belt pack receivers can be used in both the Alice Silverman and Studio (Black Box) theaters, and the upgrade also brings both theaters up to ADA standards,” PAC Sound Technician Justin Gleeson explained.

The new system has highly efficient RF transmitters. Users of the PAC’s previous system often experienced dropouts and interference due to lack of coverage, and it wasn’t possible to transmit to the Studio Theatre at all. Volunteers who attended the demo were very pleased with the coverage the new system provides. 

Also included with this system are personal neck loops that connect to the wireless belt pack receivers. These neck loops allow a person with hearing aids or cochlear implants to receive audio directly to their hearing devices (patrons must consult their audiologists before requesting them for PAC performances). 

OCCA appreciates the help of volunteers and the feedback from patrons.

Akia Woods performed in the OMTA Benefit Recital in Febriary 2013.“Spotlight on the PAC – A Broadway Review” was hosted by the Lincoln County Oregon Music Teachers Association on February 24, 2013 featuring the talents of Sarah Barker Ball, Candy Golden, Milo Graamans, Brian Haggerty, Christine McKenney, Mary Lee Scoville, Vickie Steen, Stephan, Jessica Treon, Rita Warton and Akia Woods. 

Many thanks for this outpouring of community support. 

“The PAC is one of our community’s greatest assets.  This is our call to the community to support the expansion and enhancement of the center,” says Mary Lee Scoville, OMTA member. “Over the years we all have used the PAC for recitals, concerts, and theatre.  We and our students get the benefit of a beautiful stage and incredible pianos. Our community uses this facility for such a variety of events and this new system will give the audience a much improved experience of any performance.”