Center Stage: PAC History


  • Newport Performing Arts Center construction, circa 1988.City of Newport elected to partner with OCCA to create the Visual Arts Center and later the Newport Performing Arts Center, which opened in 1988. 
  • The PAC quickly demonstrated its capacity to support and enhance the livability and economic vibrancy of the community. 
  • As an anchor to the redevelopment of the Nye Beach section of town (1986-88), the PAC demonstrated the impact it could have on transforming a neighborhood. 
  • As the dominant performing arts venue on the central Oregon coast, the PAC became a regional tourism hub as well as a focal point of collaboration between the various cultural interests of the community. 

1985-1988 – construction

  • OCCA raised funds, wrote grants and contributed $600,000 toward the $1.7 million cost to construct the PAC and outfit the building, in the form of grand drapes, acoustic clouds, stage rigging, and more.
  • Completed and dedicated on September 17, 1988

2002-2003 – remodeling

  • PAC RemodelExpansion of the lobby, box office, administrative offices, and addition of a conference room allowed OCCA, as the manager of the PAC, to be more efficient for arts patrons and to expand usefulness to the performing companies. 

1989-2013 – building a community

  • OCCA, along with the resident artist teams known as the PAC RATs, have provided other upgrades, including furniture, draperies, stage lighting fixtures, HVAC timing system, additional rigging, new movie screen and HD equipment, pianos, acoustic towers and more.

"No matter where I travel, when I say 'Newport' I often hear—Is that the little town where they built that wonderful performing arts center? When raising funds for the construction of the PAC, we said the center would make a difference in the lives of Newport’s youth and their families, and encourage out of town visitors—and it has!" – Sharon Morgan, former OCCA Executive Director

Zane _pihlstrom _eurydice"The Newport Performing Arts Center was the most important element in the development of my teenage years and my future career as a professional theater designer. I benefited from the incredible family of interdisciplinary artists that come together under one roof and inspire each other and their community. Through the programs affiliated with the PAC I had the opportunity to study fine art, dance, acting, circus and most importantly (to me) try my hand at theatrical design. I count myself as an incredibly lucky individual to have had access to the resources of the PAC's facility and nurturing artistic community while growing up in Newport." – Zane Pihlstrom, Theater Designer - Costumes and Scenery