Capital Campaign Overview


"Entertain the Future" Phases

“Entertain the Future” is a seven-phase Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) capital campaign to expand and enhance the Newport Performing Arts Center.  

Browse the full capital campaign brochure here (PDF), or learn more about each phase on the pages below.

Stiers"Consider the financial impact of more than 587,000 people who have attended and participated on the stage of the Newport Performing Arts Center. It also pays Newport back in ways that don’t have to do with decimal points and dollars. It has to do with civic health, pride, wisdom and our kids. It delights me so to see the theater camps and dance recitals involving kids. They think they own this place, and of course they do!"
– David Ogden Stiers, Actor, Composer, Philanthropist

Adam _flatt _conducting"The Performing Arts Center is a special venue on the coast. The planned improvements to the acoustics will help the sound bloom, and waft over the audience! It will take the hall from a lecture hall to a real performance space and create a more resonant vessel that will benefit all types of performances."

– Adam Flatt, Conductor, Newport Symphony Orchestra